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World talk

Mon, Jun 6th 2022 04:54
Do you want to ask questions about the world? Or perhaps you have a suggestion on how could I tackle something? This is the place to go!


Mon, Jun 6th 2022 04:58
Here you can ask me anything about my world. I will answer to the best of my ability, possibly even creating brand new worldbuilding on the spot.   Since the world is an on-going project and there are two active campaigns in the world, there are some questions for which I simply cannot provide answers. Questions like: what caused the plague? If you really want those answers, you'll have to play in the world and have your character investigate these issues!


Mon, Jun 6th 2022 05:09
Do you have ideas for the world of 13? A cool piece of inspiration that could fit well in my world, a colour scheme for the CSS, or perhaps, a new organization.   Whatever it may be, this is the best place to explain your idea and for us to have a chat about it. While I may not implement every suggestion I receive, I will read & respond to each one.
13 Discussion Boards

Tabletop RPG talk

Mon, Jun 6th 2022 05:11
Do you have questions about how I run campaigns in my world? Or about how I use World Anvil to help me GM? Or perhaps you have questions about my published Pathfinder adventures?   Whatever the case may be, here is where we can discuss these topics.

Adventures in 13

Mon, Jun 6th 2022 05:15
This is the perfect place to discuss the adventures I have created for this world. Whether Adventure April adventures, or those I have published. I'd love to hear people who have played the adventures or answer questions from GMs prepping to run one. Or even from people who took some inspiration or idea from my adventures, and how they implemented it in their own world.

Q & A

Mon, Jun 6th 2022 05:18
Here is the place where we can discuss all topics related to playing ttrpgs in 13, in homebrewed worlds, in WA...