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Tue 30th Mar 2021 05:41

Pulling at Threads

by Joni Whelan

I'm tired of walking into traps... It's time to explore my wolf self more. It's more than strength... When I'm wolf, my senses are heightened... I hear an almost overwhelming amount, sense people and things through smell in a way I can't describe to others, and my sight is truly amazing but especially at night. I think it's time to prowl.
Mom came to the Briar Patch, level 23, to have Sushirittos with the gang. When the Syndicate goons interrupted our meal, Coltie saved the day by beasting out fully. But, while we sent the goons running, bystanders did get hurt and the place was shot up pretty bad. The Chief of Briar Patch security made it clear our good will was in jeopardy, and that we should lie low. It also sealed the deal with mom moving in. She wouldn't be safe out in the Canyons without our protection.
Back at the Firehouse, we started brainstorming what to do next. We agreed that instead of waiting for the Syndicate to come hit us again on our turf, we need to get out there and follow the Neurocrome threads back to their source.
Disruptr/Yeti/Terrador went looking for the White Cobras.
Kinetic went back to Neil Degrasse High School to talk to Dre, the Wrestling guy who's mother died from Neurocrome.
We watch the video the Kinetic got from Dre...
Elizabeth Aunders - video of Neurochrome death. Camilla Marco (adjudicator Armor) should never have said "Auroboris" kills Elizabeth Aunders.
Horns and glowing eyes... rip NPC Carole apart...
(And I'll go talk to Suzy and Marge Barrier, to ask Suzy about her experience on the drug, and also to get Marge to open up about her source for the military hardware that lead to Suzy's abduction. How did they approach her? Where did she pick up the gear? What does Suzy remember about her abductors?)