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Tue 4th May 2021 05:35

Laying Low. Clearing our Name. Next Steps

by Joni Whelan

Vandal's are being framed for the murder of level 23 PD. The gang wanted to take Colton, but we stopped them.
Wendy, Terrador and I were relaxing at a bar when a criminal couple (names here) approached with a request. They want to meet someone named Wraith, and share that he mentored Scarlet Fox and is suspected to be father of Wendy.
Colton blows up at Kinetic and "Became the Beast". He shared that he tried to get Doctor Vanity who turned him into the beast. It terrified me to see him like this and I had to step in. I know I fucked up and wasn't there for him. And I know this isn't him that we're seeing right now. Miraculously, he heard me and collapsed in a heap confessing that he's been eating rats and can't help himself. He needs our help and to be reminded of his humanity.
Later around the conference table, we address the giant bat beast in the room. After lively debate, it's agreed that we need a solution to help Colt control his emotions and power. He also agrees to only go out in the world with one of us... a chaperone.