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Tue 30th Mar 2021 02:55

Danger Growing

by Joni Whelan

Vandal's have a new member...but the mission remains the same: save the Canyons
We are getting re-situated to a new environment. Fire Station 23 on 23rd floor of the Briar Patch Arco.
Plot to kill entire arco with poison gas into the HVAC system.
Symbol of snake eating tail. Name of Ouroboros.
What are we doing???
Our identities are blown... Colton is now recognizable as Yeti Boy!
mom??? does she know??? She knows... Now she's in danger.
Then, it doesn't help that Wendy is blurting my name to cops.
Wendy doesn't have family who are vulnerable...
Kinetic? I don't know...
Colton's dad is safe for now...
But what about mom? What about Suzy Barrier and Marge? Suzy NEARLY DIED!!! That was the tech that Marge got, but couldn't pay for... What faction was behind it? The Syndicate? Or the Ouroboros? Neurochrome...
How can we keep them safe?
I have to move her closer to us to keep her safe. (She comes to the 'hide out' and does mom stuff)