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Tue 25th May 2021 02:58

Vendetta's Wake

by Joni Whelan

Following Heyun and Terrance into the catacombs for a ceremony to lay Charity to rest, we got jumped by a gang of shifted called the VICE Squad who were after Terrador. Dispatching them wasn't difficult, but certainly disturbed the somber mood of the occasion. What really freaked us out was to discover that Charity's body had been removed from her coffin! Who does that? Terrador had an idea... people who would experiment on it like they experimented on Colt and me.
It looked as if the old Night Stalkers were going to form up again with Amara, but Distruptr was able to talk them down enough so that we could be involved in helping them. What next for us? We have our fingers in many pots...