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Tue 29th Dec 2020 06:30

Race Day...

by Joni Whelan

Got called into work by Marge. When I showed up, I saw Lucy nabbed and thrown into a white van. I had to pursue! So, I revved up my bike and took off after these goons. Before they got to far, I saddled up next to the driver side of the van. I pop up on the seat and pounce up onto the roof, transforming into wolf form so I can hold onto the roof with claws.
Anticipating gun fire, I roll to the driver side window, reach in and tear the driver out, seat...door and all! Then, grabbing the door frame, I swing into the van, immediately engaging the goon in the passenger seat. I grab his shotgun, smash his face and the steering column and I eject the gun from the cab. Roaring into his face convinces him to exit the passenger door!
Then I hit to brakes to stop, and run around to the back of the van only to encounter a goon with two pistols being raised. I dive for his kneecaps, knocking him off his feet and losing his guns. Attempting to pump him for info only resulted in him pissing himself and passing out.
Inside the van, Suzy is hooked up to an I.V. and a cyber hookup to her neural jack. Not wanting to do more harm than good, I call Wendy for an assist. Despite our best efforts, the cops sirens are heard approaching before we can help Suzy. I hop on my bike, a bit worse for wear, and head back to the D&D Pawn...
Once back at the pawn, I call Marge and fill her in, disguising my role as the Shifted who saved Suzy. Then I get to work cleaning up the shop.