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Tue 10th Nov 2020 06:19

Something to Prove

by Joni Whelan

Wendy had something to prove, and we were game to give her an assist. Going to the Twice Lucky actually sounded like a lot of fun. Haven't been out clubbing in a while and was looking forward to hearing some good DJ's. But, that shit went sideways quick! Wendy's mom, Scarlet Wolf, has a bad-ass body guard all cyber'd out. Goes by the name STITCH! When she made contact, I couldn't believe how awkward Wendy went! Be cool, sheesh! In the end didn't seem to matter when those crazies from Las Plagas came up the elevator. Green gas dude and a Skull-head with lasers shooting from his eyes!?! Really? Fuuuuuuck! Then the Syndicate ninjas came out of no where! When that red-energy-ball guy dropped his bomb in our midst, all I could think of was Coltie. He's big in his form, but that shit hurt! And he was flailing. What were we thinking? A bunch of kids way out of our league! Glad we got out of there with our lives.