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Liminal Chronicles

Banzai Bonds

By shyredfox

8738 3 0 1391

Everything goes wrong when Dr. Aya moves from Kyoto to Nonogawa. Worse, he sticks out like a sore thumb. After he walks into the Banzai bar, the barkeep invites him on a hunt. Will the taste of wild game and making a first friend be the key to Dr. Aya fitting...

Chou Becomes Ohno-chan's Pet

By shyredfox

13276 1 0 749

What would you do if you found a ki absorbing sentient ooze that was accused of eating a neighbor's cat? Would you dare to approach it? Find out how Su-chan meets and adopts Chou. Tags: magic, myths, side stories, pets Rating: PG Stats: ~800 words, average...