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The ex-god of Time and Information and once partner-architect of the Comprilith; run through with his own Spear of Time, caught in an endless moment of agony.

2431 words


Tattered and torn, this once god of Sight and Mind now floats blindly above the landscape, a mirthless echoing laugh endlessly eminating from within; his cultists loyally following in his wake.

2516 words


She used to be the god of Growth and Decay; pulling the strings of living beings, propelling them through life to feed the cycle. All that remains within her now is death.

2523 words


In her life, Rak'tos would use her power over Space to look through any and all dimensions, learning everything she could. In death, she's collapsed into a superposition of agony, as every version of her inhabits a single moment in all realities.

2383 words

In the Festering Core of Thansa City

A short story of a pickpocket/thief known as Thomas, as he attempts to flee from his most recent mark through the dirty and overcrowded streets of central Thansa City.

3251 words

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I'm fairly new to writing, but I've always been creative at heart. My early years were spent drawing, doodling, designing and imagining. Then, my interest was caught by Pathfinder. I dove head first into the world of tabletop RPGs, consuming as much as I could.   Finally, I designed and wrote my own campaign, complete with it's own world! I've been using World Anvil to fully realize my design, and plan to continue using it until long after the Pathfinder campaign has finished.   Along the way I've realized I quite like this whole writing thing. I might have to do this a bit more!

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Interests & Hobbies

I'd love to travel more, the bit I've done (Korea + Japan) have really sparked my interest in travel. I like taking pictures, and trying new and delicious food. I also enjoy cooking.

Favorite Movies

Three flavours cornetto trilogy, Thor Ragnarok, Inception, Dr Strange, Grand Budapeste. The Prestige, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, How To Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6, LotR (extended editions).

Favorite TV Series

Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Bojack Horseman, Full Metal Alchemist, Erased, Log Horizon, One Punch Man, Supernatural, Westworld, Avatar (TLA + LoK)

Favorite Books

Red Rising Trilogy, KingKiller Chronicles, The Expanse Series, The Reckoners trilogy

Favorite Writers

Peter Clines, James S. A. Corey

Favorite Games

Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, Binding of Isaac, Celeste, Dark Souls, Sekiro

Latest Loved work

Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair

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