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Sanctor Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Azata Inheritor: Take the "Azata-Blooded", "Spirit of Selflessness", and "Freedom's Call" alternate racial traits.   Full-Set Bonus: You take on a new appearance at the dawn of each day - similar to an extraordinary alter self effect that you have no control over. You can vaguely influence the appearance that will take hold, and if you like an appearance you can hold it and prevent yourself from taking on a new one as long as you wish. This appearance is always suitable to that of a humanoid sanctor, though the specific features always vary from there. Your fly speed increases by 20ft.   Not all Sanctor still consider themselves aligned to the Celestial Host - many among them have moved on, seeing the wars of the Age of Descent as the concern of their ancestors and little that involves them. Among these Sanctor who wish to leave the stigmas and burdens of their ancestors behind, there is a growing movement amongst modern-day Sanctor that is founded on the notions of turning away from their Angelic and Archon heritage and masters to embrace the ways of the Azata - the good-aligned outsiders who, while aligned to the Yema, treasure freedom and independence in all creatures, and seek to bring change and aid to all those who need it, wherever it can be found. So, while foolish it may be, many Sanctor have learned to tap into their outsider natures to channel the blessings of the Azata, in an effort to break away from their pasts and the shackles that bind them - typically, these Azata Sanctor have wings of beautiful plants and flowers, and possess great natural beauty, though in a wholly different way than the Cloud Elves, who embody an esoteric ideal of physical perfection, sculpted and gorgeous, while the Azata Sanctor can range from plump to thin and everywhere in between; for beauty can be found everywhere, in all shapes and sizes.
Angel of Amenheru: Take the "Blessing of Khonsu", "Godking's Sunfire", and "Flaming Wings" alternate racial traits.   Full-Set Bonus: Donning a ceremonial golden Entombment Mask in honor of your glorious God-King, you become immune to all gaze attacks and divination attempts to discern your name, location, or information. However, you cannot remove this mask or have it removed in the company of others under any circumstances - doing so will have dire consequences for you and those around you.   When the Sanctor were stranded on Zheng-Kitar following The Fall of Nan-Dhurgalir which saw their Grand Commander Azaliah and their Lieutenant Commander Luciel stranded and imprisoned in the lost city of Nan-Dhurgalir, many fled to the lands of what would in time become the modern-day Dharan Alliance - though not all. Many fled and dispersed across the continent, forming small communities here and there...though, a relatively large minority would, later on, be welcomed into the lands of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu by its newly crowned Godking, Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I. These Sanctor, given amnesty by his infinite grace, have strove to overcome the shackles of their past by finding a new life beneath the white-hot Tarthan sun - wearing Golden Entombment Masks to honor their glorious Godking, these Sanctor have black-feathered vulture-esque wings and deeply tanned or charcoal skin, with flaming wings and radiant bodies.
Somnus Child: Take the "Dreamer's Codex", "Dreamcrafter", and "Dreamer's Eye" alternate racial traits.   Full Set Bonus: You are immune to all spells and effects that interferes with or affects your sleep, such as Nightmare or Sleep spells. You no longer need to sleep, as you are constantly asleep forevermore(Though you may act as normal, as you remain fully cognizant even while sleeping).   What harm is there in dreaming? You are so wounded, and lost - stranded in a land that did not want you, damned for serving in the armies of a celestial host that accepted you only to use such desperate times, dreams can be invaluable. They called me many things, at first. Stardreamer, first among them. Questioned me, and my motives. But they are all my children, even still - they cry, suffer, scream, and wail out into the darkness for someone to save them from their nightmares, to save them from the pain of their existence; and I responded. With dreams. My greatest gift to them - a gateway to a better life. And in return, they dream, as I do - of the eldritch truth, and the blessings it brings.
Sanguine Mutilator: Take the "Sanguine Puppet", "Azaliah's Fury", and "Angel of Wrath" alternate racial traits.   Full Set Bonus: By focusing on a creature you can see within 30ft as a full-round action, you can incite a deep, overwhelming wrath within them. In combat, this forces them to make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + WISMOD) or be unable to tell friend from foe for 1 round. GM is final arbiter of what this can achieve RP-wise out of combat.   Though Sanctor must always stay vigilant of the second soul and personality that dwells within their bodies, soul-shard of their once-mighty Commander of the Celestial Host Azaliah, most Sanctor live their lives ignoring this soul and the nightmares it brings them - striving to ensure their bodies are creamated or placed within Hallowed ground after their death to ensure they do not return as one of the much-feared, infamous Sanguine Angels; Envoys of Azaliah's nightmarish wrath for being imprisoned and defeated, sealed forever within the City of a Thousand Smiths, Nan-Dhurgalir. However, on rare occasion, a Sanctor can manage to make contact with this second soul - and while most such contacts end in wrathful fury and even more struggle between the two souls, on extremely rare occasion the Sanctor can find neutral ground or even an accord with this wrathful spirit...and to such an end, these Sanctor can make a pact with this splinter of Azaliah's spirit, becoming vengeful spirits of wrath who seek to find and release their once mighty, beloved commander from her imprisonment while deilvering her wrath onto the world that wronged her.

Alternate Racial Traits

Varied Makeup: Racial Ability Scores become (+2 to any physical stat of your choice, +2 to any mental stat of your choice, -2 to any ability of your choice). Modifies Racial Ability Scores.   Due to their incredibly strange biological makeup, it is not unusual for Sanctor to have the most varied racial abilities of any race on Ea. They were born from the fleshlab experiments of countless races, and can be excellent or poor at almost anything.
Mortalborn: Gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level, and gain a +10 to disguise checks made to appear human. Gain a Bonus feat at 1st level. Fly Speed Drops to 20ft. Replaces Celestial Purity.   Some Sanctor are only distantly related to the Celestials from which they trace half their roots to. Such Sanctor have lighter, smaller wings, more human-esque features, and carry within them a shard of humanity‚Äôs infinite potential. Though frequently shunned by their kind for being that which they hate, these Sanctor have a more grounded view of the world, their lesser flight meaning they spend more time on the ground, and thinking about the hatreds, thoughts, and mannerisms that so easily control their people.
Azata-Blooded: Gain Fire Resistance 10 and Cold Resistance 10. Your base land speed increases by 10ft. Replaces Celestial Purity.   A rare few Sanctor are able to trace their heritage back to the Azata, while other still find more solace in the freeing fields of Elysium - finding comfort in the freedom-living, chaotic Azata as opposed to their more lawful Angelic and Archon brethren. These Sanctor are imbued with a shard of the Azata's resistances, and find the freeing winds of Elysium blowing at their backs, quickening their pace.
Agathion-Blooded: Gain a constant Speak with Animals Effect(CL equal to HD). Gain a +4 racial bonus on saves vs poison. Replaces Celestial Purity.   Though Sanctor who carry the blood of the Agathion are rarest of the rare, those who exist are capable of communing with animals at but a thought, their mannerisms and speech more wild, chaotic, and prone to emotion than others of their kind, which frequently leads such Sanctor down the paths of Druids, Rangers, or such spots where they can be in tune with nature and the wild. Though the whys of such Sanctor manifest are unknown, many believe the Agathions wish to alleviate them from their burden imposed on them by their Angelic and Archon masters however they can.
Celestial Linguist: Gain one extra language for every rank put into the Linguistics skill. Gain Truespeech as a constant supernatural ability, allowing them to speak with any creature that has a language as though using the tongues spell(CL equal to HD). Replaces Bestias Damnatio.   Some Sanctor's holy script burned into their bones shines with a different brand of light, allowing them incredible linguistic ability that they can utilize to speak nearly all languages under the stars. These Sanctor frequently become ambassadors of their kind, and seek to use their gifts to better themselves and their race...though, there exists the odd Sanctor who covets his gifts, and abuses them for his own gain.
Dreamer's Codex: Gain a racial +2 on Knowledge(Dungeoneering), Knowledge(Planes), and Sense Motive Checks. Gain two as class skills. You autosucceed on all checks made to identify non-unique Aberrations. Replaces Bestias Damnatio.   You are greater than the conditions you were born into. Rise above your station and embrace the eldritch truth - be free, and wield my knowledge of what lurks between the stars as your sword and shield.
Dreamcrafter: Once a day as you sleep, you can replicate a major creation effect and bring a suitable object from the realm of your dreams into the realm of reality - but unlike Major Creation, the created item is permanent. GM is final arbiter on what you can create - especially valuable items may be too difficult to manifest permanently, or must be manifested in extremely small sizes, etc. You gain the Dream Message Psionic Power as an at-will SLA, Caster Level equal to HD. Replaces Spirit of Rage.   The boundary between dreams and reality is thinner than you think. Who is to say reality isn't truly a grand, wondrous dream? Understand this and you understand everything, dear reader.
Blessing of Khonsu: You become immune to the effects of hot-weather environments, and are unaffected by strong winds while flying. You gain +10 to stealth while flying as your body changes color to match the surrounding sky, and your body can shine light as a torch. You gain Shifting Sand as an SLA with a Caster Level equal to your HD(DC based off Wisdom). Replaces Spirit of Rage.   Born with a blessing from the old lords of the Tarthan Sands, these Sanctor are bronze-skinned, beautiful, and capable of enduring the searing heat of the world's hottest deserts with little difficulty.
Spirit of Selflessness: You can, by focusing with eyes closed, sense the thoughts and prayers of those in true and dire need within one mile of you. You gain a +1 to attack and damage against creatures of the outsider type, and gain Slipstream as an at-will SLA with a Caster Level equal to your HD(Though it functions thanks to air currents at your back instead of a wave of water). Replaces Spirit of Rage.   Gifted with the ability to hear the thoughts and earnest pleas and prayers of those in need around them, these Sanctor carry the gift of the Azata with them wherever they go - helping those in need and fighting against the outsiders they once called allies.
Freedom's Call: You gain a +5 on all checks made to escape a grapple or binding(Such as handcuffs, tied rope, etc). You gain the compression universal monster rule, and once a day as a standard action that does not provoke vanish from your square and re-appear at a random square within 60ft(Ignoring walls and obstructions) that is not inherently dangerous and is capable of supporting you and your life(Not in a vaccuum, not in lava, etc). You can vaguely influence in which direction you may appear, but cannot fully control this ability. Replaces Fleshwarped Bastard.   Embracing the gifts of the Azata who so valiantly stand in defense of freedom and liberty in their own chaotic way, these Sanctor find their forms solidifying into a more stable state as gifts of the Azata take hold within their bodies - allowing them to instead bend and compress themselves into tiny spaces, escape bindings and restraints, and even channel the ultimate freeing power of the azata to vanish from their location and re-appear somewhere else.
Sanguine Puppet: As a full-round action, you can disjoint your body into a pile of flesh, severed limbs, and seemingly dead body parts and fluids - this functions similarly to Gaseous form, save that it also grants you the ability to appear dead to all senses and detections. You do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity for moving through threatened squares while in this form, and creatures whose squares you pass through while in this form are sickened for 1 round. Pulling yourself back together is a full-round action. Replaces Fleshwarped Bastard.   Able to sever their limbs, head, and torso into dozens of tiny parts, these horrific Sanctor have such a level of control over their bodies as to be freakish to those who witness them - channeling the unholy power of the second soul that slumbers within them.
Azaliah's Fury: All weapons you wield do one bleed damage, that stacks with any other sources of bleed the weapon gains(Such as enchantments, etc). Replaces Azaliah's Mastery.   A rare gift unlocked typically only by the legendary Sanguine Angels that Sanctor become once they die and the soul-splinter of Azaliah that dwells inside them takes over, the very rare sanctor that communes with and embraces their second soul's undying rage finds open wounds appearing on their forearms which are seered from their bodies at the elbows(Floating in place as if by magic), the foul blood swirling down their weapons to strike their enemies.
Godking's Sunfire: Any time you deal fire damage, you can convert a number of fire damage dice into Godfire equal to 1/2 your HD(Minimum 1). Deal +1 damage per fire damage dice to creatures vulnerable to sunlight. Replaces Azaliah Mastery.   Infused with the power of Tarthus's legendary Black-Iron Godking, these Sanctor are those welcomed into the lands of Tarthus by Amenmeses himself, and given his ever-radiant blessing in the hopes of finding a new home within the ever-shifting sands of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu.
Dreamer's Eye: By focusing for 1 hour, you can create an invisible sensor at any location you can see within 60ft, otherwise identical to the Clairaudience-Clairvoyance spell. This sensor lasts for 24 hours, and cannot move while you are awake(though you may move it freely while sleeping). You can see and hear through the sensor at-will, but cannot see or hear yourself while using it. Replaces Azaliah's Mastery.   To dream is to allow the Stardreamer to guide you - so hark, child, and close your eyes; What worlds await you on the other side? What great tapestries will you weave in the dreamlands?
Buffeting Wings: Gain two wing primary natural attacks that deal 1d6 damage each. Once per combat as a standard action, you can pulse your wings and create a 30ft cone of roiling windflow, making bullrush checks as if you had Improved Bull Rush against each target in the cone at a +10 to the check. Replaces Wings of Luciel.   With wings so powerful they can create massive blasts of wind as easily as walking, these Sanctor take advantage of their wings to send buffeting blasts of air downrange, moving friend and foe alike with gale-force winds.
Flaming Wings: Gain two wing primary natural attacks that deal 1d4 damage at base, plus 1d6 fire damage each. Hostile creatures whose squares you fly over within 30ft take 1 point of fire damage. This effect cannot trigger more than once per round. Replaces Wings of Luciel.   Born with wings that channel the incandescant power of the sun, these Sanctor have massive, beautiful wings whose feathertips burn with radiant, golden flame and channel the crushing power of the desert heat down onto those they fly above.
Angel of Wrath: Gain an aura that goes out to 30ft that increases all bleed damage inside the aura by 50%(minimum +1 increase). You have blindsense 60ft against creatures suffering bleed damage, and creatures inside this aura lose their immunity to bleed damage if they normally possess it(Though they regain their immunity immediately outside the aura). Replaces Wings of Luciel.   Whether through death or by embracing the endless, nightmarish wrath of the second soul inside of them - the fragmented shard of their once great commander Azaliah - these Sanctor become twisted and malformed as they embrace the soul shard's wrathful power, their flesh pale, clammy, twisted, and gnarled as their bodies begin to weep blood constantly.


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