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Nisrithan, Queen of the Inferno

The Good Elemental Lord of Fire

Titles: Queen of the Inferno, Lady of the Blazing Scales, The Shadowflame, Civilization's Shadow, The Everheart, She of Blazing Will   Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail   Alignment: Fire   Spirit King: Huofeng   Obedience: Spend one hour transcribing your greatest ambitions onto paper or some writable medium, and thinking up basic plans to achieve or further them. Offer the writing to an open flame once the hour is up.   Effect: Gain a +2 on all saves made versus mind-affecting spells, as well as those with the [Emotion] descriptor. Gain a +2 to your CMD on all maneuvers that would move you against your will. Double these bonuses for effects that would make you harm your allies.

Divine Domains

Fire, Law, Glory

Holy Books & Codes

The Inferno Scriptures

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A heart with a flame burning inside it.

Tenets of Faith

Uphold order, establish structure, and spread civilization. Drive back chaos with the light of law.
Always strive for glory greatest. Never settle for anonymity and revel in fame and glory, so your name might inspire greatness in others.
He without great ambition is without life. Be unafraid to burn the brightest and embrace your passions, and motivate others to do the same.

Queen of the Lawful Fire

  Nisrithan is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Huofeng, the Spirit King of Fire. Unlike her counterpart Nazzon, The Godflame Duke, Nisrithan embodies the more gentler and nobler aspects of fire and Huofeng's portfolio, embodying Law, Civilization, Passion, and Ambition and is commonly seen as the Matron Saint of civilization, heroes, and all who harbor burning ambitions of greatness in their chests, as well as hedonists and people of pleasure to a lesser degree. She preaches the spreading of law and order over the wanton anarchy of chaos, and preaches the holding of lofty goals and ideals as a way to challenge one to strive for greater heights - even if one fails to reach these lofty goals, the mere act of having them will drive one to achieve heights they would not otherwise.   She also preaches the spreading and seeking of glory, and challenging the apathy and acceptance many others might possess to spur them on to greatness - she teaches that by seeking this glory and spreading one's name in pursuit of their goals, they will become a great inspirations to others and serve as an impetus for them to adopt lofty goals and motivations in their lives, just as they themselves once adopted such goals into their own. Civilization is paramount to her, and she teaches that bringing law, structure, and civilization to the wild and untamed world is in itself a noble and desirable act - to live under law and structure is to be a truly living being, she teaches - to live in barbarity and chaos is the domain of beasts, not sentient life...and so law and civilization should be the highest height one strives for, and is the greatest sign and symbol of advancement.   In this way, she represents fire's more comforting and gentle aspects - its nature as a giver of life and civilization, and its ever-moving and ever-passionate nature that drives it to burn so vividly, though it might consume its fuel and die out quickly. To burn quick and attain glory, she teaches, is a better life lived than one lived long and in monotony.  
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Inferno Palace, The Elemental Plane of Fire   Areas of Concern: Fire, Law, Ambition, Passion   Holy Animal: Salamander   Holy Colors: Red, Yellow   Holy Number: 11

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Marshall: Ensure every wrongdoing is punished under rule of law or trial only, as appropriate. Start every job you finish and fulfill all your promises or contracts. Never disobey or allow harm to come to a figure of authority or civilized law.
Oath of the Hero-King: Never run from your problems or fights. Seek strength as a path to greatness, but remember greatness is the best use of strength. Seek glory for not just yourself, but for the glory of all who stand with you. Be the leader, guide, or whatever figure others need of you and be there in their hour of need.


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