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Heihaizi (Hay-height-zee)

The unfortunate victims of the witchblight, banished away forever to the Blackgrave Isles and left to die

The Rasmanthus Guild has issued a standing reward for any information about the Heihaizi relating to their racial abilities, culture, habits, capabilities, or such that can be reasonably proven to be soundly written and made.   However, because of the extreme danger involved in investigating them and the Blackgrave Isles on which they reside, this request is typically limited to A and S rank adventurers or similarly powerful existences for fear of bringing harm and death to the unprepared who seek out the Heihaizi.

Base Racial Traits

Ability Scores: (+8 Strength, +6 Dexterity, +6 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +8 Charisma) Heihaizi are terrifying existences, and are horrifyingly perfect in every category befitting their status as "Apex Life Forms" - what exactly gives them this power is unknown.   Size: Heihaizi are large-sized creatures, and gain all the appropriate benefits and penalties. However, their size can vary wildly from large up to Colossal.   Type: Heihaizi are Humanoids with the Heihaizi subtype.   Speed: Heihaizi have a 60ft base land speed.   Vision: Heihaizi have low-light vision, allowing them to see twice as far as humans in conditions of low-light. They also have the See in Darkness Universal Monster Rule.   Languages: Heihaizi begin play speaking Hazi, their racial language, exclusively.  
The racial abilities of the Heihaizi are not fully documented and are thus almost entirely unknown - what little is known about them is listed below.
  Unknown Mastery of Terrain: The Heihaizi are known to have a mastery over forested and possibly jungle terrains to a degree that puts grandmaster rangers and trackers to shame - the extent of this ability is not known, but they are not believed to leave tracks behind and can ambush others within their home terrain with alarming regularity.   Rock Mastery: The Heihaizi have been confirmed to have an ability similar to true giants such as Jotun that allows them to throw and catch rocks, boulders, and other massive objects with a range, strength, throw speed, and such far in excess of what most normal true giants can produce. This is typically seen used to bombard boats traveling near their shores from afar, from distances as far as up to a mile(1.6km) away.   Extremely Varied Abilities/Skillsets: The Heihaizi have been reported as having mastery over numerous skills and showing off the racial abilities or other races with alarming regularity, displaying a mastery over such skills and abilities far in excess of normal limitations and capabilities. How exactly they attain such inhuman mastery over skills and the abilities of other races is unknown, and a much feared aspect of their existences.   ?????: ?????  

Basic Information


The anatomy of the Heihaizi is poorly studied, as their overwhelming power makes them incredibly hard to capture or kill for study - but from what is known they stand at minimum around twenty feet(6.09m) and display a wide variety of strange biological quirks, most commonly horns and scaly growths along the face, shoulders, arms, and spine. They tend to resemble larger, stronger, and mightier Humans with an overwhelming level of beauty(All who encounter them comment on this), and so far have been observed following a universal form of two arms and two legs attached to a central torso.   From the few Heihaizi that have been captured/killed and studied, it has become extremely clear to Zheng-Kitaran researchers that the Heihaizi represent a breed of "Apex Life Form" the likes of which has never been seen on Zheng-Kitar before or since - their organs come with at least one redundant backup(Most notably their secondary heart), their bone structure is nearly five tense as strong and durable as those of other creatures, their muscles have tightened and wound so densely that they more closely resemble steel fiber-cables than actual muscle fibers(Allowing for displays of strength many times in excess of the norm), a second lung allows for highly efficient breathing in low-air/water/poisoned environments as well as superb toxin filtration, blood circulation that is enhanced to superhuman levels allowing for near-instant patching of scar tissue and highly efficient oxygen dispersal, vision and hearing many times superior to other normal creatures, as well as a host of other biological abilities assumed but not uncovered thanks to the damaged state of the Heihaizi bodies retrieved for study.

Biological Traits

The biological traits of the Heihaizi can vary wildly - they can range anywhere from 20ft tall to upwards of 160ft tall, and can display a varied number of biological mutations as signs of their status as apex lifeforms such as scaly growths and horns, patches of abnormal skin texture, third eyes, extra fingers/toes, potent pheremones, and much more.   Any other information on their biological traits unknown - due to the rarity with which they can be studied, little else is known of them.

Genetics and Reproduction

The means of Heihaizi reproduction is assumed to be sexual in nature - however, this has never been confirmed due to the rarity of Heihaizi encounters that produce or allow for survivors, and compounded by the issue that all Heihaizi sightings that have been confirmed to date have identified the assailants as feminine in shape and stature. This corresponds to the nature of the disease known as the Witchblight, which has displayed an immense preference for infecting female children(Infecting one male in every 10,000 females, loosely) - this disease is also the source of why many of the Heihaizi were banished to the island as children in the first place, which has led many modern day scholars to assume that most of their number may well be female, or that perhaps they have discovered a way to alter themselves to become a different gender as needed.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth rate of the Heihaizi is wholly unknown - as is their maximum lifespans, age categories, or any such developmental stages.

Ecology and Habitats

The Heihaizi are the veritable masters of their chosen environments - forests and jungles - to the point where in an extremely short order they will establish themselves as the apex predators of their given habitats such that all creatures from the lowest fish and insects to the mightiest beasts and creatures become subordinate to them, working at their whims to serve their needs with slavish obedience. Whether this mastery of their terrain and its beasts is natural or supernatural in nature is unknown.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As best as can be determined, Heihaizi are omnivores - they are believed to be capable of eating both plants and meat, but rampant rumors circulate that paint them as having a preference for the flesh of other living creatures or even possibly devouring them whole. However, these should be known to be more akin to rumors and legends than actual factual information.

Biological Cycle

The biological cycle of the Heihaizi is mostly unknown, as none have been observed in old age or in any stage of their biological cycle aside from adulthood and the prime of their lives.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Heihaizi society is largely unknown - but information on it is highly desirable and a standing reward is offered by The Rasmanthus Guild and the Knights of the Blighted Gate for any reliable intelligence in this area.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Almost every part of a Heihaizi corpse is highly useful - whether as magical components or as materials to craft weapons or armor, making them highly sought after by many who more often than not meet unfortuante, grisly ends at the hands of those they sneak onto the Blackgrave Isles to hunt.

Facial characteristics

Heihaizi faces tend to be sharp and brutish but undeniably beautiful, much like their bodies themselves - strong jawlines and deep-set eyes are hallmarks of Heihaizi faces, as well as whatever biological mutations they develop over the course of their lives.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Heihaizi are found exclusively on the legendary Blackgrave Isles, where they are kept quarantined and secluded for fear of the destruction they would wreak should they escape. They are not found anywhere else in the world.

Average Intelligence

As best as can be determined, Heihaizi are extremely intelligent - the baseline of their intelligence puts them as a match for even the most genius Humans.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The vision of the Heihaizi is phenomenal in every sense of the word - not only is their vision and hearing so extraordinarily advanced they can see many times further and hear much more acutely than other beings, they can actively filter out certain sounds and frequences by listening, possess a hyper-advanced sense of taste allowing for masterful tracking and poison detection, and can smell at such an advanced degree that they can distinguish certain creatures as well as their moods and personalities by scent alone.
Conservation Status
The exact numbers and status of the Heihaizi population is not known - as they reside solely on the Blackgrave Isles which have been long sealed off from the outside world, exact population numbers have never been tallied for fear of capture and/or death should creatures step foot on the Isles to do so.
Average Height
Varies. At minimum, 20ft(6.09m) tall.
Average Weight
Varies wildly.
Average Physique
Heihaizi embody the perfection of the physical humanoid form - as literal Apex Lifeforms, their bodies, just like their minds, are as close to perfect as any living being can reach. They are tall, rippling with muscle and power, yet retain an incredibly dexterity that allows for extremely quick and precise movement. However, they are undeniably beautiful - despite the overwhelming power and definition of their physical forms, they carry an adonis-like quality of apex beauty none can deny or resist without great effort.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their bodies tend to have a darker coloration about them from their time spent on the harsh lands of the Blackgrave Isles - deep tan to dark brown or even bordering on onyx-black is common for Heihaizi, though lighter skinned members can exist if they dwell outside the island's brutal sunscorched savannahs and jungles. Their hair tends to be bright metallic colors such as silver, platinum, golden, bronze, and onyx.   Their eyes are draconic in nature and more closely resemble those of reptilians - with slitted draconic pupils colored brightly being standard for Heihaizi.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Children of the Witchblight

The Heihaizi were not always the absolute masters of the Blackgrave Isles - indeed, a mere five centuries prior to the modern day the very same Isles which the Apex Beings now rule over was once a popular tourist destination and renowned wildlife hotspot, and one of the most biodiverse places in all the world. However, with the downfall of Dahmunara Worldthrone and the eventual onset of the incurable disease known as the Witchblight across the populations of Zheng-Kitar, there came a need for the governments of Zheng-Kitar to send the unfortunate victims of the disease to a secluded place, where they decided those unfortunate victims would be left to die away from civilized lands to prevent the spread of the scourge which was so rampantly transforming children across the continent into horrible, twisted monsters.   To this end, these unfortunate children of the Witchblight were spirited away by the Knights of the Blighted Gate to their chosen tomb - the Blackgrave Isles - to be offloaded and left to die. This method that had been deemed as the very last resort of the nations of Zheng-Kitar in the face of the Incurable and seemingly highly communicable Witchblight, served the world well for centuries - until reports began coming out of the Blackships belonging to the Knights of the Blighted Gate as they approached the shores of the Isles to offload new infected of towering behemoths lurking in the treeline who would sometimes grow so bold as to pelt their ships with massive boulders.   After some initial investigations which ended with the brutal butchering of the initial teams sent onto the Isles, it became clear that the children sent to the isles and left to die had somehow survived and evolved into ferocious apex predators - the Heihaizi, or "Black Children" in the tongue of the Seogharan people: A moniker given to the unwanted, blight-scarred children that survived and evolved on one of the world's most dangerous isles into predators that now yearn for freedom, to enact a twisted revenge on the world that abandoned them.


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