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The Freeze spell is quite controversial among the mages of the Eye. The basics of this spell are easy to learn and thus it could very well be the perfect beginners spell. Yet, without a certain level of skill that allows for a fine control of the effects, this spell can have disastrous effects.   It is why the Crown of Ice in recent years has started to teach their Neophytes about the effects of cold on human anatomy, and still don't teach this spell to them unless their personal mentor deems his student ready.


While technically not freezing someone into place, this spell cools off parts of the target's body rapidly, causing their muscles to cramp and hurt, sometimes to the point that they feel unable to move. It severely hampers the ability of the target to use said muscles. The precision and size of the affected area depends heavily on the skill and power of the caster.   Used on object, the cold can make the material brittle and easy tod estroy, or - with a lot more finesse on the casters part - could freeze that dessert that is going to be the highlight of the feast in no time.

Side/Secondary Effects

Extended exposure to this spell or excessive force used by the caster can lead to cold burns or even losing the limb due to hypothermia. The flow of the blood carrying the cold from the affected part to other parts of the body makes it difficult for any Ice Mage to control a person for an extended period of time without seriously harming them.


The temperature of the target body drops dramatically. Depending on the material, this may not be immediately visible, but in any case the target will start to radiate cold.

Inktober 2019

Prompt #4: Freeze
Related Discipline
Ice Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
For as long as the caster holds their focus
Despite the ease of learning, this spell has been deemed to require a certain level of control of the element as well as personal maturity. It is only taught if the mentor deems the student ready for it.

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Oct 5, 2019 21:48 by Jimmy Shrekson

Yes but could someone technically give someone else brainfreeze with it or does that require a different spell?