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The Demon of Starr Island

Monsters aren't real.
The Starrs were murdered in a perfectly mundane fashion.
The recent disappearances are completely unrelated.
All of those statements are lies.
  It's been nearly a century since the eccentric couple Edward and Elizabeth Starr died on their private island. They were clearly murdered, but no evidence of a third person on the island was ever found. The island and mansion have sat abandoned since. Until now.   The mansion is being restored and the island turned into a tourist attraction, complete with ghost walks and history lessons of the cold case. Yet in the first week of work, three people went missing with no trace of what might have happened. Searches have turned up empty. No bodies, no signs of a struggle.   A monster is at the heart of it - a being of supernatural abilities whose existence must be kept hidden from the general human population. Naoise has been hired to hunt it. Normally this gives him the rare opportunity to use his own supernatural abilities, but this time, two other humans are hired along with him. One is too nosy for her own good, and the other... Naoise needs to make sure the other never knows he's just as much of a monster as the one they hunt.  


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Cover image: by Martina Stokow (edits by Rin Garnett)


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