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Moonflower is a special type of flower found in the temperate and tropical areas of Yeia. Their properties have been known since millenia and these, together with its beauty and glow during the night made it one of the most popular flowers across Yeia.  


  Moonflowers are little flowers, similar to daisies with yellow anthers and stygma and light blue petals. Its most stricking and famous feature is that they glow during the night and turn towards the moon similar to what sunflowers do.  
by Callyxtus with Artbreeder

Connections with mythology

  According to Davidovian and Elven mythologies this type of flower was born after the goddess of the moon returned from giving a concert to the gods and the creatures of the forest. And everytime he walked and his naked feet touched the grass a moonflower grew. Dazzled by the beauty of the goddess and by the music that was playing along the way the flowers turned their little heads towards the goddess and were so happy to see her and hearing her song that they began to glow, as the stars do, surrounding the moon.   Once the goddess arrived to the recently formed Suris Strait, she didn't know how to cross that body of water, so she decided to turn back and travel to northern Teria in order to cross to the continent of Karia . In today's Liwal she founded a large body of ice floating in the sea. She jumped onto it and travel to the west arrived at the northeast of Karia. From there the Moon goddess went South and into the mountains that separate Unhellion from the lands of the Nari peoples . And when she arrived to the Moon lake she arrived to home and ascended to heaven.   Since then, every day she appears in the sky the moonflowers turn their head towards her and began to glow due to their happiness after see their old creator. This myth also helped understanding the distribution of this type of plants across Yeia.    

Properties and uses

  Moonflowers are used in elven medicine for curing disseases as colds, headaches and stomachaches. They also have some magical properties as dust made of moonflower petals can be inhaled in order to get rid of mind control spells. The Nari peoples also placed them as lanterns to guide themselves and their ships during the night.   When elves have a cold, specially children, what they do to get rid of it is to prepare an infusion based on water and moonflower leaves. Forest elves and moon elves usually plant this type of flowers near their settlements in order to help visitors with good intentions to guide themselves across the forest and find the elven settlements.

Cover image: by Callyxtus with Artbreeder


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Ooo I love a glowy flower. :) I love the mythology behind it and the fact it is used in medicine.

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Glowing flowers that track the moon. Lovely origin myth. Healing on headaches and mind control.... mind clearing in general. Light in darkness guiding...several connected elements but kinda loose associations. It's a nice article and very enjoyable.