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Mithradates II

His Majesty Mithradates Yüttakid (a.k.a. The Wise)

Emperor of Seria since 672,  Mithradates II  has spent most of his reign trying to appease the  increasingly powerful nobles and military warlords. For the moment, the Empire  is at peace, both internally and  externally, after the terrible Ashi War, in 706  that ravaged the northern regions of the country for 3 years.
The Emperor is still loved and reviered by his people because of his wisdom and justice. With his son having participated as the hegemon of the Elian league in the previous war, Mithradates isn't worried about the capabilities of the heir to the throne, but knows perfectly that one he pass out, his son will probably has to face another rebelion of the provincial aristrocracy if the new Emperor wants to  impose central authority.  In case this happens,  his recently alliances with the powers of the other side of the straight will secure support for his son's cause.    The attitude of the monarch towards culture has ensured a renaissance of the Seris art and litterature unknown since the beginning of the dynasty.  Poets, painters, philosophers, magicians, all come to the Court  where they are mantained by the Emperor himself. But this waste of money is seen by some factions, specially those allied with the military,  as a sign not of a renaissance but a sign of decadence and opulence.     

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son of Yüttak X and his wife Pulla. He was born and raised in the Imperial Palace in Sakouramish . As being the eldest song he was appointed heir to the throne by his father. With 18 years he accompanied his father in a tour across the country in order to improve the image of the royal family and to gain the support of the people. One year later in 668 he was appointed general and participated with his father in a punitive expedition against the Dark Elves in the South serving with distinction.   With the death of his father in 672, he was named Emperor but very soon he had to face severe challenges. One of his cousins, Pogomaros instigated a coup but he was discovered and fled to the South where he allied himself with the province lords promising more autonomy to them. Then, Mithradates invaded the South with an army of 40 thousand who defeated and killed Pogomaros at the battle of the Piradyn river. He then, in a gesture of clemency, he spared the lives of the satraps and returned to the North, but two years later he had to return to the South to ended another rebellion of the lords. This time, he killed the leaders but appeased the nobles granting them the autonomy they wanted in exchange of swear loyalty to him and pay the taxes .   In the Eastern provinces he was made Hegemon ( leader) of the Elian League, proclaiming the freedom of the cities of the league and recognizing their rights.Then he married the daughter of the King of Cloudia, Rea and in 681 his first son Yuktteru was born. After this the Empire enjoyed peace and prosperity until 706 with the so called Ashi War . When half of the satraps of the North rebelled against Chancellor Ashi.


The King recieved a very good education by the seris sage and philosopher Pavasdes, who tought him oratory, grammar, poetry, mathematics, Science and History and by the elvish magician Pheodyn who tought him magic, elvish language and alchemy.   He was also prepared to be a warrior, practising sword fighting, horse riding and archery and also military strategy. He was a very curious boy and one of the things he liked was languages. He learned more than 4 including Elvish, Blatian, Ashed and Oronai.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor of Seria, Protector of Lashel and Swift, Guardian of the Faith.
Currently Held Titles
649 AP 721 AP 72 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old Age
Current Residence
Long, curvy, white hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
1.71 m
60 kgs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
The Emperor is fluent in at least 5 languages: his native seris language, elvish ( the language of culture and diplomacy), Blatian, Oronai and Ashed. Although he also can understand a bit of Nord and Crorai languages.

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