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Blatian bird clock

The Blatians possess such advance technology that they are able to produce items like this, which, thanks to a complex mechanism seems as alive as a real bird. It is said that the Emperor of Blati has one of this, made of gold and precious stones and that he places it on an extreme of the dining table and, when an hour passes, the bird begins to sing and walk across the table, thus amazing foreign diplomats and barbarians.

Origins of the invention

The Ikarians have always being obsessed with the pass of time. Not in vain, one of the first monuments built at Ikaria'smain square was a marble sundial on top of a bronze column that had an image of Abbon Shabai on its basement. As centuries passed by and their technology became better and more developed, the Ikarians invented sophisticated mechanisms to create more advanced watches. One of such devices was a clock that was said to be located in the throne room at the palace of the Ikarian Emperors that had a gong that automatically sounded each hour that passed, impressing foreign visitors and Ikarian nobility alike.   After the fall of Ikaria in 460 AP, this knowledge wasn't lost among the inhabitants of the old Empire and the technology to make watches in different forms and shapes continued, and proof of this is this bird-shaped clock.

How it works

The main components of these little and curious clock are a mainspring; which stores mechanical energy to power the watch; a wheel train which transmits the the force of the mainspring to the balance wheel and adding up the swings of the balance wheel (which is the timekeeping element of the clock) to get units of seconds, minutes, and hours. A separate part of the gear train, called the keyless work, allows the user to wind the mainspring and enables the hands to be moved to set the time.   Another important component is the escapement mechanism, which has the dual function of keeping the balance wheel vibrating by giving it a push with each swing, and allowing the watch's gears to advance or 'escape' by a set amount with each swing. All of these components are found inside this object.  


The clock has a dual purpose, on one hand it is used for measuring time at the Imperial Palace, especially in the throne and dining rooms. Its second purpose is to impress guests, showing the might and technological advancement of Blati to foreign dignitaries. Imagine that you're a powerful duke or prince from the cold northern regions of Teria and you're dinning alongside the most powerful monarch in the continent, while, just out of nowhere, the cute, small, golden figure you just saw on the other side of the table begins to sing and walk towards you. You 'd probably thing that this thing is magical and that the bird is somehow alive, but you would be wrong. Its just a machine, programmed for walking and singing each hour that passes.
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Objects like these are also used as diplomatic gifts, for example the ambassadors from the Republic of Valia gifted one of these objects, made at an Imperial Workshop in Blati to the king of Wesdaland for his coronation.
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