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The Warlocks of Wexe are a mainstay of the evil Legions of Doom, and are the counterpart to the less numerous Steel Witches. Drawn by Xaph's prowess in the arcane arts and his offers of patronage, the Warlocks consider themselves as an elite among Xaph's forces. For all their ability however, they are in reality little more than grunts. Powerful, magic wielding grunts, but grunts all the same.   Most warlocks prefer some measure of anonymity, going to great lengths to cover themselves in long, flowing, heavy robes that almost totally conceal the person within. Through either magic or just poor lighting, their hoods cast a deep shadow over their faces that conceals everything other than a pare of baleful eyes that glare out at the world with a malice as deep as their cherry red glow. Occasionally a wizened, almost skeletal hand can be seen, most often clutching a colourful feathered quill still dripping with ink or stroking a long beard that has more white in it than a snow drift.   Warlocks can most often be seen studying in their Libraries or shuffling around The Citadel either alone or conversing with a colleague or two. They are seldom spotted without a small cohort of loyal Undead to perform menial tasks for them, such as holding a candle in the optimal position for illuminating a tome, carrying around a stack pf tomes, or preventing envious rivals from planting a knife in their master's back.   Individually weak and frail in body but strong in mind, most Warlocks never leave the relatively safe confines of The Citadel. However by necessity they can be found wherever the Legions of Doom require magical assistance, usually cravenly hiding behind some of Xaph's bigger and sturdier minions.    


  Warlocks are surprisingly tribal in nature, preferring to group together with like-minded brethren into brotherhoods or societies known as Clades. They are extremely protective and will jealously guard their Clade's secrets from interlopers, and are especially ruthless against anyone lower rank than them who has even a shred of magical ability. At the same time, they are extremely envious of the other Clades, who they consider natural rivals and enemies, and have all found themselves in a complex web of feuds, truces, and temporary fragile alliances that are just waiting for a magical knife or three in the back.    

Brotherhood of the Idol

  The black clad students of the teachings of Slepp the Idol, this Clade is the privileged favourite of Xaph himself. They devote their time and curiosity to the ever elusive secrets of life and death.   Led by a cabal of powerful Liches, Xaph's own Clade is the most ubiquitous and unified in purpose of all the Clades in the Legions of Doom, and are responsible for raising the majority of the seemingly limitless undead at their disposal.    

Brotherhood of the Abyssal

  The Abyssal Clade is widely considered to be... odd... even by Warlock standards. Nobody is quite sure exactly what they're doing to help the Legions of Doom, but they have Xaph's patronage so it's better not to ask too many questions. During their spare time they can be seen shuffling about the meandering halls of The Citadel seemingly at random, or holding one-sided conversations with shadows.   Collectively walking the razor's edge between inspired genius and utter lunacy, the Clade is responsible for some of the more esoteric of the Undead Constructs within the Legions of Doom. These purple robed madmen are considered by the Legions of Doom to be the most trustworthy Warlocks, if only because they're unlikely to deliberately betray anyone. Their minds are quite literally elsewhere.    

Brotherhood of Majesty

  The misguided worshippers of enslaved Dragon Fragments, this Clade brims with limitless ambition and an unchecked avarice for power. It is said that their ultimate goal is too become a new incarnation of the extinct Dragons. They adorn their robes with colours and patterns that are meant to represent the Fragments they worship.   They are considered by the Legions of Doom to be the least trustworthy of the Clades in Xaph's employ. Their ambitions mark everyone as a rival and threat to be eliminated. They are the type to throw a fireball first, then raise whatever is left of their victim to interrogate later.    

Sisterhood of the Choir

  Often incorrectly known as the Sea Witches, this Clade hears the enchanting Siren's song in a different way to other mortals. This Clade is the only one not to be based within The Citadel itself, instead basing itself among the sprawling Squall Islands archipelago off of the stormy western Wexen coast.   They are considered by the Legions of Doom to be the least loyal to Xaph's cause, only gaining his patronage due to the important geographic location of their islands. Whenever they are brought to The Citadel, it is under duress and escort from the Brotherhood of the Idol since the Sisterhood have made it very clear on numerous occasions that they'd much rather be anywhere else. The Brotherhood of the Idol has in the past sent "emissaries" to the Squall Islands to keep the Sisterhood in line, however all these emissaries have mysteriously vanished.    

Brotherhood of Wrought Flesh

  Most Warlocks spend their lives exercising their minds to the detriment of their physical self. Not the Brotherhood of Wrought Flesh. This Clade sees the human body as a temple, and worship fervently there. They exercise their bodies as rigorously as their minds, eschewing the heavy robes of their bookbound colleagues in favour of something that shows off their impressive physique.   The other Warlocks within the Legions of Doom view this Clade with some suspicion, not quite able to bring themselves to trust a Warlock who would rather use a heavy tome for weightlifting instead of reading. However, they tread lightly around the Brotherhood of Wrought Flesh, and have a healthy respect for anyone able to make them explode just by striking a pose and flexing in their general direction.


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