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A prime example of Undead raised to fulfill a single, very specific purpose, Candleskulls are nothing more than floating skulls with a cluster of candles pressed onto the top of their craniums. Their sole task in un-life is to follow a Warlock around, hovering over their shoulder to provide optimum lighting for whatever task the Warlock is doing.   A Candleskull is a mindless thing, utterly mindless in its singular task of following the closest thing that moves on two legs. They are blissfully unaware of the rest of their surroundings or the state of the candles on top of them. They do not acknowledge if their candles have gone out or have burned down to a waxy stump, and rely on external factors such as a Lampwicker to re-light and replace their candles.   The appearance of a Candleskull can tell a lot about it. For example, the older a Candleskull gets, the more dribbles of wax and tallow begins to cake the bare, yellowing bone. A lot can be gleaned about the personality of the Warlock that raised the Candleskull too. A skull girded by gilt and encrusted with jewels is likely to have been raised by an arrogant Warlock who wants to flaunt their wealth, while a skell with little ornamentation is likely to have been raised by a Warlock with a more austere outlook on life. It can even be possible to determine which Warlock raised a Candleskull by the ornamentation on it.


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