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Dragon Fragments

The incandescent remnants of a dead Dragon's soul and mind, these specters soar through the night skies like the northern aurorae. They drift across the face of the constellations drawing trails of ghostly light behind them. The Dragon Fragments still possess some small part of their original minds and personalities, some persistent remnant of their self that can be perceived and observed.   Much superstition exists surrounding these heavenly lights. For generations, astrologers from the cultures in Wexe and beyond have ascribed divine portents to the dynamic movements of the Fragments across the unchanging constellations. The Warlocks of the Brotherhood of Majesty take their superstition and fascination of the glowing Fragments to the point of fervent worship, believing that by using some aspect of the Fragments to some day become dragons themselves.   Through careful study of what little Dragon literature and philosophy that has been found, some scholars believe that these are actually a dragon's true form, suggesting that flesh and blood was merely a temporary state of being. This has turned out to be quite controversial and hotly debated in the still small academic circles. The Brotherhood of Majesty, perhaps unsurprisingly, are among the most avid theory's supporters, taking their belief in it to the point of religious veneration.    

Major Fragments



(Transcribed as "Llothnerien")  


(Transcribed as "Daeridge")  

ÆFAC the Shadow

(Transcribed as "Aevac")   The Dragon who is not. ÆFAC leaves no bright trails in the sky, instead leaving behind only motes darker than the darkest imaginable black.    

Minor Fragments


ÆÞCYN the Herald

(Transcribed as "Aethcewn")   Herald of the morning, ÆÞCYN appears in the skies in the brightening hours of the morning, riding before the rising sun. ÆÞCYN is commonly associated with SCEÞERIS, and the two are considered siblings in most mythology.    

SCEÞERIS the Twilit

(Transcribed as "Shetheris")   Harbinger of the night, SCEÞERIS appears in the skies in the darkening hours of the evening, trailing on the wake of the setting sun. SCEÞERIS is commonly associated with ÆÞCYN, and the two are considered siblings in most mythology.    

LLOÞEGEN the Moonlit

(Transcribed as "Llotheyen")   Appearing on nights with the Moon high in the sky, LLOÞEGEN's incandescent trails wax and wane in brightness in sync with the Moon's phases. It is said that LLOÞEGEN fades away entirely during a new moon, reappearing in a flare of sparks and cinders as the silver crescent of the Moon returns once more. LLOÞEGEN is also strongly associated with eclipses, becoming the brightest object in the skies at the height of an eclipse and outshining even the Sun itself.


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