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Corpse Moss

Corpse moss, also known as Vampire moss, is one of the more virulent strains of flesh consuming plants from beyond Wexe's. Consuming any and all flesh it grows upon, dead or alive, the invasive spread of Corpse moss is a growing concern for the folks of the land. It is believed to have been introduced to Wexe by a prospective Warlock drawn to the realm by Xaph's beguiling call.   Corpse moss shares few similarities with other plants, and is unlike even other extant carnivorous flora. Preferring to grow in total darkness, the moss forms dense, rapidly growing mats on any exposed skin and flesh it comes across. These mats are a ghostly white in colour, flecked with the dirsturbingly crimson red of mature spore bearing stalks. Corpse moss prefers dark, humid environments to grow in, such as caves or The Citadel's labyrinthine Under-Cess. Most actual crypts and tombs are too dry to support Corpse moss unless there is significant water ingress. The growth of corpse moss is severely inhibited by bright lights and is outright killed by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, leading to its alternative name of Vampire moss. Indeed, the safest and most effective cure for a corpse moss growth is to go outside and get a sun tan.   Unfortunately, inhalation of spores often leads to the establishment of a Corpse moss colony within the victim's lungs and respiratory tract. Such an environment is ideal for Corpse moss, which grows and spreads disturbingly quickly. Should the victim live long enough for the moss to mature before completely eating through their lungs into their chest cavity, they may begin coughing moss spores. Without prompt medical or divine intervention, such an infestation is invariably fatal.


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