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ʌMɛgʌʧcɛ (uh-me-guch-chy-ee)

The ʌMɛgʌʧcɛ is, to any member of one of the Federation of Xah's non-Worker caste members, the most important day of their life. Its literal translation into English is "becoming one who is one's own caste" and is the point at which an individual earns the right to enter the caste of their birth and all the entitlements and opportunities that comes with that.   For most castes, the ʌMɛgʌʧcɛ comes with its own set of traditions and practices, such as the SusBar of the Warrior Caste and the First Fertilisation of the Mother Caste. The only caste that lacks it is the Worker caste, who as the 'rejects' from other castes' selection process, just wants to get individuals to work with the least amount of psychological trauma.


Every caste has its own specific traditions, but the one thing that they have in common is the assessment at age 21. From the age of 16, a prospective's education will have been highly specialised, and focused on the role that the candidate's earlier aptitude testing established they were most competent at. After five years, they are given their final assessements, the culmination of their adolescence and educational process. Failure rates at this stage are very low; motivation and skill levels are high, and castes are unwilling to waste the costs of the training given. Even the Technical caste, with its notoriously high failure rates at earlier stages, sees a failure rate of only 0.1% at this point.   The specifics of the tradition vary even within a caste, with local and sub-caste distinctions being quite common. The Leader Caste recognises the importance of team building and a sense of inclusion, so is very lenient with what specific groups do to foster this.
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