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Hell Week Timeshare Contract

The Lords of the Hells continue to petition the Concordance for Survival to sell them a week of Manifests on the Kirinal Pit. They argue that the Concordance's alliance treaty with the Hell's would prevent any malfeasance or bad actions by the Baatezu and their armies.
Them devils let anyone who wants a look-see to read the document in their Embassy at the Bulwark. I took a peek meself and it does look straightforward. When I asked to see the supporting docs, they stonewalled me though!

The Hell Week Timeshare Contract is available for all to read the the Embassy of Hell located in the Bulwark of Light. The Baatezu hope to convince those voting on the Hell Week Accords that the straightforward, simple language of their contract offers no threat to the Concordance for Survival and the citizens of the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

The Baatezu propose that the simple act of allowing Hell to manifest for seven days in a row at the Kirinal Pit would prevent the day of Shatter from producing harmful planes from the Abyss or Far Realm. They have provided their calculations, which have been reluctantly verified by the Navigator of Worlds himself. Despite this verification, the Navigator unequivocally opposes the Accords.

The Baatezu have progressively added concessions and riders to the contract to get the Accords passed and the Contract signed. They started with a military alliance and arms sales to the High Table and have progressed to arcane power for mages and cash payments to all the citizens of the Zone.

The Hell Week Accords have been gaining more and more votes as the concessions increase. The voting citizens see a chance for personal enrichiment. As the Baatezu gain influence and political power throughout the Concorant Allies, the Accords chances of passing continue to increase.

Corpus et Virum

As is traditional for contracts with Hell, the skin for the vellum and the blood for the ink was ethically harvested from volunteer mortals. We denizens of the Nine Hells are glad to join the Citizens of the Zone as moral actors in this new world!

— Ambassador of Hell

The actual contract is written on soft vellum made from human skin and ink made from mortal blood. The old ways demand that binding contracts with the Lower Planes be made in the old ways. The Baatezu claim, with wide smiles and friendly handshakes, that the skins and blood were humanely harvested from volunteers who received regenerative magic afterwards.

The Prelates of the Church of Anam and the Chancellor of Wizard's Peak University have requested interviews with the volunteers. The Embassy has agreed to the interviews, but has yet to produce the volunteers.

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Hell Week Accords
Document | Feb 3, 2022

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Jul 17, 2021 10:16 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Seems perfectly legit! Ethical harvest and everything! I don't see why people are not jumping on the chance... I'm sure they're only trying to see what other concessions they can get out of them....

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