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Episode 42: Gathering Their Breath Report

General Summary

Elenwe Heskiloth, Agent of Z.A.P.

Now that the Officers of the Blackjack have some time to breath, Elenwe fills them in on what they've been up to for the past two years. El has served out their sentence working as an undercover agent for the Zone Authority Police. As a former member of the Cult of Malfador, they were very familiar with the "culture". Sly Spenser worked with them to develop a cover identity as a tax accountant, healer, and "pillow girl".

With General the Baron Aginnad pulling the strings behind the scenes, El was assigned to the Will of Malfador. They used their stats as a "healer" of Ashaya to be assigned to the support crew.

El spent 8 months undercover, making the trip to the Hidden Moon twice. Elenwe spent that time building rapport and developing contacts amongs the entertainers, suppot staff, and everyday workers: techs, dancers, janitors, and other background workers. They worked as an information broker among them using El's position as a chaotic paladin of Ashaya. El built up 6 good contacts who owe them favors on the Hidden Moon.

El's biggest discovery was that the Hidden Moon has become a massive military base. Underneath the clockwork surface are hallways, huge corridors, giant chasms, armories, casinos, entertainment zones, and landing bays connected to clockwork nonsense. The soldiers all wear armor that makes them look like soulforged. El uses one of her 6 favors to get into the teleportation chamber and memorize the teleport circle for the Hidden Moon.

Eventually, the Hidden Moon authorities become suspicious of El's generosity and kindness. As the Warlock/Paladin of Ashaya prepares for their third trip to the Hidden Moon, Aginnad advises against Elenwe going again and drawing any more suspicion to them or Aginnad.

Trading Troupe Logistics


The Blackjack Trading Troupe has become a profitable business over the past two years. While his partners have been indisposed, Earl Lanzo of Razakstad has been building a burgeoning trading empire. They have holdings and real estate in Razakstad, Tower Town, Goblin Town, the Goblin Triangle on the Silversong Moon, the City of Ballinamore, the City of Talinside Bay, and Sekara.

Their fleet includes the Blackjack itself, the Hat Trick, a trade barge captained by Thunderfox, and Chonk a Sintel Light Cruiser. The Hat Trick makes the Sovranty runs while the Chonk travels between Kiris and the Zone.


While ensconced in Goblin Town, Spark has summoned an Ersatz Armory of scrap soulforged parts to make mecha for bakus. He has also been training squads of goblin wolf riders and smokers.


After their encounter with the red dragon Myxapex the Menace, the Captain decides that they need the Blackjack needs a sturdier spell driver than a part-time mix-o-mancer. Nia pulls out her big guns, enlisting Cabron Elf-King to help her recruit Ileana the Darkchilde as her new Navigator. After a "heated discussion" and the promise of the "Double F's" and trips to the moons, the tiefling warlock agrees to join them.

Hedron House Call With Lola Carly

With Lance and El missing their ident-a-hedrons after the soul eater ate them like candy, the Crew plans to go visit Lola Carly. They land in Tower Town to find her already waiting for them along with Of the Hope the Way.

The Teen Way talks about Link Heskiloth trying to red pill him. Spark suggests that Way should apply to WPU. Spark says, "How your brain so big, but you're still in danger of being a dumbass? People telling you everyone is born to a specific place or role, are also gonna tell you they born on top, you're born on bottom, and their boots taste nice. Link got some galaxy conquering sword whispering him this nonsense, we goblins just got away from evil gods whispering bullshit in our heads, you don't need to go out looking to replace it!"

Way then mentions hearing weird whispers in his dreams about the BTT's comings, goings and schedules. Lance also brings up the usefulness of Spunkify to Lola Carly. Spark installs the music service gratis on her ident-a-hedron. Lola immediately goes, 'Oh no, honey!' and pops everyone's ident-a-hedron.

Crew like what?! She then asks how much Bazzunath is in the Spunk Trunk, and Spark is like, not at all. Lola Carly is like, 'No honey. I feel him trying to invade my thoughts.' The crew question Bazzanuth and he confirms he is sending out info like his boss told him. Who's the boss? You're all the boss, boss.

The leak has been revealed, but Bazzanuth isn't helpful enough to reveal who has been passing him messages. The crew consider what to do, Spark recommends transferring his soul to a soulforged body so he has a chance at a non-aberrant life. It is confirmed by Lola Carly the Church of Anam can't help with that. Spark recalls someone who would, Father Oznias Zug.

The Kidnapping of Father Oz

They augur him and gather intel that he has been captured by a green dragon near the Blue Star Alliance territory. The crew swoop in with their new helmsboss, Ileana the Darkchilde.

At the dragon lair, the officers encounter Zondoth the Beautiful, a glistening green dragon and her planty followers. El challenges her to a dance off for some time with Father Oz, the green kind of agrees, but tries to charm Nia.

It backfires, and Nia convinces her to let them talk to Oz before the catwalk contest. Oz is chained up and overworked. He will agree to transfer Bazzanuth over or restrict his psychic abilities if the crew will free him. Nia gathers everyone then recalls them to the ship, leaving several Bug Brothers and a 90% finished iron golem without a creator.

Reincarnation for Fun & Profit

They then haul their way over to grab Father Oz's supplies. He mentions how much time it would take to transfer a soul over, and mentions reincarnation would be quicker and a local lizard druid. The gang shrug and agree.

Bazzanuth gets reincarnated as a dryad. Her tree is the living heart of the Blackjack. She merges with the ship to become the masthead. She mentions the ship is a little crowded with souls.

She also notes that she knows who the 'other boss' telling her to spy was Coyote Rose. The gang check if she is a doppleganger. Nope! She had her brain taken over by an intellect devourer! Gang wrecks it and reincarnate her as an Aarakocra.

Father Oz also offers a map to the lair of Myxapex the Menace who he wanted to try and collect dragon parts for at some point. The sketchy Oz agrees to help the BTT until the Talon of Tiamat is dealt with. He agrees since we saved him. Now, there is a dragon lair to invade.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
09 May 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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