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Bay of Sorrows


Lying between the Ash Sea and the Whispering Sea, this deep, calm bay has shores that belong to both the Principality of Heirin and the Principality of Staton. It is not particularly deep once it nears shore, requiring ships to anchor further out and port their goods in on smaller vessels.

Localized Phenomena

The Bay of Sorrows is big enough and wide enough to allow even mixing of the waters coming from the Ash Sea and the Whispering sea, thankfully meaning fewer accidents than other places where the extra-bouyant waters of the Ash Sea meet other bodies of water. It seems, in fact, to summer from remarkably few of the phenomena of either of the oceans it touches, giving it a strange stillness and eerie calmness compared to other bodies of water in the world.


The Bay of Sorrows is so named because the first time ships of the Empire sailed into its Harbor, it claimed three ships, and most of the sailors aboard, including a Prince of the The Talat Family, Berak Talat. All three ships arrive in the late evening in a terrible fog, somehow crashing into one another; two of the ships sank, and the third was crippled and disoriented, sailing back out to sea rather than coming to the aid of its companions. None of the sailors who did survive tell the same tale - some speak of sea monsters, others of strange music and ghosts, others of deep fog and then fire.   The King of Ostar at the time, Evren Talat, did not attempt to take the Southern continent again, and in fact the Empire would not again attempt to annex Saman until several generations later after the establishment of the Empire under Melker Talat.


The primary ports for both Heirin and Staton are on the Bay of Sorrows, so it is a main thoroughfare for most travelers to the continent, with the exception of those headed straight to the Triumverate of Nikandros.

Bay of Sorrows

Owning Organization
25 ft (Average)
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