House of Justice

The Head Adjudicator shall reign for their lifetime or until age or infirmity force them to cede to their named heir. The heir apparent if there is no named heir is the first-born offspring of the Head Adjudicator unless they are deemed incompetent to judge by a unanimous vote of the House of Royals.
Representatives of the Court shall be elected by a 2/3rds majority of the popular vote of their nation. Terms shall be limited to ten years and no representative may serve more than one term.
Share-owners of the Court shall be randomly selected by lottery from among the population's registered landowners, shareholders, or those otherwise deemed citizens. Terms shall be limited to two years and no share-owner may serve more than one term. While a share-owner is serving the Court, their properties are held in trust by the National Treasury and workers hired for this purpose shall work and tend the share-owners' lands, crops, livestock, and properties.
Founding Date
Government, Law Enforcement
Leader Title
Parent Organization


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