Silver Speech

Originally invented as trade language by merchants, the Silver Speech has since been adapted by all kinds of Wanderers. While most countries still have their own primary language, with over a dozen main languages and numerous more spoken by smaller groups, it is no great exaggeration to call the Silver Speech the primary language of all Folk.   As new Beasts but also various resources are discovered occasionally, the need arose over time for a unified management of the language. Various merchant guilds would work together to discuss things and occasionally spread 'corrections'. As the Wayfarer Guild rose to power, this responsibility slowly became ours to manage.
Alternative Names
Silver Tongue (derogatory)
Drifter Tongue
Original Countries
Over time, the Silver Speech became not just a shared language, but something embedded in many languages spoken all over. Numbers and many common terms and phrases slipped into the use of everyone from lower class to upper class.   Of course not all liked this, with some nobles still insisting their original words are still used. Both merchants and Wayfarers had best beware in those countries, as to not offend those in power.   Leaving those aside, it would be hard to find people not capable of using at least the primary terms needed in their situation. Those that deal with Beasts will usually know not just their name but even the names of their usable parts. This is the case even in small villages, as they learn the terms from each other and from travelling merchants.
The Guild provides mandatory language classes to all its members. While many new Wayfarers find it a nuisance, the ability to use a clear term in an emergency has saved many lives over the years. Additionally, it makes business easier and helps with a sense of unity.   Dictionaries are available in all Guild libraries, with copies made by merchant guilds and other forms of education. In some countries, the Silver Speech is even part of normal education. Updates with new terms are sent out every few years, after debating the best terms with merchant guilds.   Granted, not all will pick up the new terms easily. As such, some Wayfarers and all Wayfarer Lodges will carry the updated information so that those on the road can easily explain new terms to each other.


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11 Mar, 2023 11:38

I live the name for the language as Silver Tongue which brings to mind "Silver Tongued Devils". Nicely done.

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12 Mar, 2023 22:28

There's a reason that's considered a derogatory name for it. =p

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