Scion Alliance


Red Wizards

They were the power behind the Alliance, the expectant force that would ultimately seal the fissure in the south-central Xhousong. As the strongest magical influence on Xhousong, the peoples looked to them to lead against the fight.  


Xhousong was comprised of city-states that called themselves Scions. Petty squabbles and raids for land were common until they were forced to unite against a common foe. None of them would accept the rule of another and reluctantly agreed to heed the word of the Red Wizards. In this matter, only.  

Sanguine Harbor

A slice of Saevin territory along the south-western coast. Beholden to no one but the Immortal Sun, the Saevin never-the-less enter the fray on the side of the Alliance when it becomes apparent their trade harbor is in danger.

Public Agenda

It is only after one of the Scions closest to the Fissure falls to the Caelae that the squabbling stops and the Red Wizards rise to the occassion, pulling the Scions together in the hopes to prevent another collapse. The Alliance is as much to put a stop to all current confrontations as it is to focus the Scions on the very real threat that the Caelae represent.   Publicly, each Scion maintained their own indepenance while complying loosely with the requests of the Red Wizards.   The Saevin proved to be a more willing and better equipped ally - though they were entirely self serving. The whole of Xhousong wasn't expressly their concern, but that their Harbor and trade be preserved. Since that couldn't exactly continue on if the continent fell to an extraplanar invasion, they lent their aid to the cause. Though it was never expressly stated, it was known that the Saevin could and would cut their losses at a point and retreat from Xhousong all together if the situation became too grim. For that, though they proved a valuable ally, most kept their distance.


Red Wizards

The Caelae arrived at a low point for the Red Wizards. Their Keep was struck with a plague of unknown origin which thinned their ranks significantly. This left only a handful of Red Wizards and their support staff to stand against the Caelae and, ultimately, attempt to close the Fissure.  


The Scion City-States worked to preserve and protect their own lands, usually under the guidance of the Red Wizards if they were in the area. The Alliance kept the majority of them from acting out against their neighbors for the duration, focusing instead on damage control and recruiting men to arms. Small armies were committed to fighting the larger masses of Caelae that would flood from the Fissure.  


The Saevin from Sanguine Harbor provided highly skilled fighters, often enhancing the ranks of the Scions, or providing a type of honor guard for the Red Wizards as they brought the fight to the Fissure. What they lacked in number, the Saevin made up for in supply and skill, committing a fair deal of rations and materials to the war effort.


In the Year 24209, a Fissure erupted in the south-central portion of Xhousong. With it came the creatures known as the Caelae. Hydras, snakes, and shadow monsters enmass. No one knows why or where the Fissure leads, only that it seems to be the portal through which all the creatures enter Vyril.   For the truth:
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Orm-Dra was celebrating the marriage of a young princess to a political ally. As was common enough in the Scions. However, once the marriage was official, the Princess was cast out and a coup staged to take over the Scion. She was hunted through the woods like an animal. There, after running through the night, she met a Vroghwold
  The first Scion to fall is Orm-Dra. Previously thriving, the lands wither and dry beneath the onslaught. The royal family is slaughtered - and eaten. News of what happens travels slow as survivors are rare. It isn't until the Caelae strike out at the neighboring Scions that the scope of the danger begins to make itself apparent.   It is only then that the Red Wizards are called for aide.   After the Sanguine Harbor is attacked, they get in contact with the closest Scion - which puts them in contact with the Red Wizards. As the attacks become more frequent and resources become strained, the Alliance is formed to better deal with the Caelae.


The Alliance crumbled apart after the perceived threat of the Caelae was gone. The Red Wizards were destroyed in the effort and the Saevin had no desire to remain in any sort of alliance with the peoples of Xhousong.   In the aftermath, the Scions turned on eachother in their efforts to rebuild.

Geographic Location

The Alliance was formed primarily out of the Scions of the West, led by the Red Wizards whose Keep was built in the northern mountain range of Tai-Uska Scion. The Alliance itself, more or less, spanned across the whole of Xhousong though it was led and controlled by each Scion City-State in their respective land.

Year 24210 - Year 24214

Political, Alliance
Parent Organization

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