Dzidzilela's Flower (d͡ʑd͡ʑlela)

Dzidzilela's Flower is a relatively new tavern in the city of Korshon. It is named after Dzidzilela, the goddess of love, marriage and feritility. The tavern is a place where young people come to meet their romantic partners and potential spouses in a safe space. It is safe both for the young people as well as for their families. The most important rule of the tavern is "no physical love on the premises". The owner executes that rule by forbidding people who could potentially break the rule of sharing a room. It gets a bit tricky when it comes to bisexual and homosexual people, but the owner trained himself in recognizing which couples could break the rule. Nevertheless, to be sure no mistakes were made, each night an employee stays awake and listens for any suspious noices. People caught breaking the rules are immediately kicked out of the tavern.

Vitaliy Abramov

Vitaliy took over the tavern from his father about 5 years ago. Some people were worrying that the new, young owner would change the tavern and make it lose its appeal as a safe place. Years of Vitaliy explaining that he would continue the family traditions in running the tavern didn't help. Only when they saw that Vitaliy stayed true to those traditions, they were content.

It was natural to be wary of him. Young people these days have plenty of crazy ideas. I'm happy that Vitaliy isn't one of them
— Customer
So many taverns have a reputation of being dens of lecherous behaviour. I want to run a place where everybody can feel safe and, at the same time, provide a place where anyone can meet the love of their life
— Vitaliy Abramov, current owner of the tavern


The tavern is located in the centre of Korshon, at a small square not far from the main square. The front of the building is painted red, the colour of love. This, and the sign above the main door, are the only things that distinguish the building from the surrounding townhouses.

Inside, there is a big hall filled with tables and chairs. Candle chandeliers and a big fireplace provide the room with light and heat. Tucked in a corner are stairs leading to the higher floors, where one can find rooms. Rooms vary in size and most of them have space for 2 to 4 people.

Founding Date
4400 AB
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


  • Porridge (for breakfast only)
  • Doe stew with kasha
  • Sour soup with sausage and egg
  • Roasted pig
  • Kvass (fermented cereal-based non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic beverage)
  • Birch juice
  • Beer

  • Dzidzilela's Realm

    According to legend, the basement of the tavern hides a portal connecting the material plane with the realm of Dzidzilela. It is said that once a year the goddess emerges from it and the tavern owner gives her a report how the establishment is functioning. Some go as far as saying that the "no physical love" rule wasn't the idea of the Abramov family, but an order from the goddess. Those people say that it would fit her as she values deeper elements of love than its purely physical side.

    Cover image: Forest by jplenio on Pixabay


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    6 Mar, 2022 19:31

    A good article, So is there a reason why the goddess of love would prevent people from expressing another form of love, Or does she consider that lust instead. Has she ever been disappointed by a report if not many people fell in love in the tavern?

    6 Mar, 2022 19:36

    She is primarily the goddess of love and marriage, so she represents the long term commitment in love and not people just "hooking up". it's something good for the article about her.

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    8 Mar, 2022 12:53

    I like the idea of a god/goddess being the patron of a tavern, particularly one that advocates actual relationship building over one night stands. Worldbuilding-wise, I can see this playing well with exploring local community dynamics. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to!

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    link to my Tavern Challenge entry: The Black Hare Tavern

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    Thank you

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    10 Mar, 2022 20:45

    That goddess is a bit silly, but c'est la vie. Do they deliberately make slightly creaky beds to prevent silent you-know? But yeah I'd probably go to another tavern if I had a choice, even married.

    10 Mar, 2022 21:13

    Thank you for comment. As for the beds, who knows? :)

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    10 Mar, 2022 23:18

    I really like this idea! This is SO different and unique, to build a deep relationship over a purely physical one. This could spin stories about the inner struggles people have with one another - or even themselves. Great work and keep it up!

    ~ Eliora Yona ~
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    Thank you

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    Nice article :D I like this focus on dating and long-term commitment. Is it only young people, or can people who find themselves looking for marriage at an older age also come? (thanks for the pronunciation guide XD )

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    Thank you for the comment. I think that everyone would be welcome in the tavern

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    What do you mean porridge is only for breakfast ? :O

    16 Mar, 2022 07:07

    Porridge is a breakfast dish

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    22 Mar, 2022 08:14

    Lovely short article. I really like the serene feel that the layout of the article gives. The concept of the tavern is also lovely, even if the fact that a place where physical love is forbidden is considered a safe place to meet potential spouses makes me wonder how nasty the place is where the tavern is located. I like the nice irony of how in the place named after goddess of love and fertility physical love is forbidden. Of course, she is also the goddess of marriage, so it makes sense that she does not endorse physical love outside marriage. Great job with the article!

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    Thank you

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