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The Fallen

The Fallen are of questionable origin. Though they are human, they have strange abilities and physical deformities, ranging from leathery wings, to thick fur, webbed feet, to scaly skin. In addition to this, they came from the western regions, lands fraught with mystery and stories of terrible creatures.   Though people speculate how they got there, what happened while they were there is a source of distrust and even hatred for them. Some say it was a magical phenomenon, others say they were cursed by Aleis. Of course, rumors that their condition is contagious keeps most from asking the Fallen themselves, and the speculation continues.   In truth, the Fallen are descendants of a small faction who avoided the initial war when humans turned on each other shortly after their creation. The fight for territory and resources wiped out several smaller clans, and the Fallen's ancestors chose to strike out to sea before they were met with the same fate. Sailing northwest, they struck land in a region the Aviri still frequented. The patriarch, Arias, entreated the Aviri to give them some gift to prepare them to face their much stronger rivals. Though they always refused, Arias' persistence finally wore them down, and they came together with Arias, his wife, and each couple in their clan. Each aviri granted each couple one trait that would aid them in battle, warning them that these traits would be passed on to their children, and their people would never be the same.   So in seeking power and safety for his people, Arias doomed his descendents to be shunned as long as their deviant bloodline persisted in the world. The Ektaveh are but one of many proponents for the extermination of Fallen, forcing them to retreat west again as the Purifiers grew in power and influence. It is said there are monsters in that place, and the Fallen are the only humans to successfully settle there.


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