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Omori are magically imbued tools and objects created by Daien monks.


As technically anything imbued with magic can be counted as an Omori, there is a vast range of uses for them:
  • Weapons have been known to be made into Omori as a way of further channeling the user's magic in combat
  • Tools like the Sable Collar have been used to counter/restrain other mages
  • Some Omori are designed as protective wards such as talismans worn by Sky Dragons riders to help protect them from lightening.


The process of crafting major Omori has been lost to time.   Most minor Omori are designed with either organic material such as leather if they are required to hold a temporary magical charge themselves (ie a letter with an illusion spell hiding the text) or metal if they are meant to draw from the user's own store of magic (ie storm talisman)
Access & Availability
Omori are heavily regulated, especially by the ruling clans of Kyama. Most major Omori are either kept in the possession of Kyamese lords or enshrined in the Daien temples.   While there is a legal trade for some minor Omori, black marketers dealing with higher-end items such as Omori weapons can face punishments up to and including death should they be caught.
Each Omori exhibits a single magical effect, however what that effect is and what triggers it depends greatly on what magic and specific spell is attached to the object.    Omori are classified by two categories: major and minor.
  • Minor Omori either have a simple, temporary passive effect or channel the user's magic to create an effect of that discipline of magic.
  • Major Omori can sustain indefinite passive effects on its own and can generate magical effects no matter what the user's affinity is.
According to legends, early Daien monks would imbue objects with different types of magic as a means of blessing them.
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