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Storm Dragons

Storm Dragons are the Kyamese variation of Dragonkin, renowned for their speed and agility in flight rivaled only by their elegance and grace.

Basic Information


Storm Dragons have long serpentine bodies covered in blue-silver scales. They have a tuft of white fur located at the end of their tails and a matching mane around their neck and jawline, resembling a beard.   The head of a Storm Dragon vaguely resembles that of a crocodile with a relatively short pair of deer-like horns on the side.

Genetics and Reproduction

Storm Dragons are hatched from eggs.   Said eggs are often a highly-prized target for poachers given the demands for Dragons in both civil uses and private collections.

Ecology and Habitats

The Northern Mountains of Kyama serve as the main home for Storm Dragons. Specifically, Dragons most commonly congregate around Mount Kurai Sora (Mountain of the Dark Sky) due to it's frequent storms providing both ample winds for them to fly on as well as protection from hunters.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Storm Dragons are omnivores. While they most often hunt smaller birds and animals, there have been documented sightings of Dragons in the lower valleys entwined around trees as they eat fruit from them.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Storm Dragons are commonly used in the Kymamese military as a means of aerial scouting and combat.   They have also seen use both in and out of wartime as a way of delivering messages across vast distances and are even credited as being a major reason for Kyama's vast empire.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most often located in the Northern regions of Kyama, particularly Mount Kurai Sora

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Storm Dragons have been observed to be able to avoid lightening strikes while flying through storms. A popular theory in scientific circles is that the dragons are able to sense the build up of static electricity through their fur and know to move when they detect a charge close to what is needed for lightening to strike.
30 years
Average Height
2 Meters
Average Weight
20 kg
Average Length
15 - 20 Meters

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