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Sable Collar

Sable Collars are a form of Omori that causes a strong, forced sense of calm over their wearer. Historically, this has been used as a means of restraining Sun mages as the calmness hampers the ability of emotion-based magic.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Sable Collars are imbued with a powerful calming spell meant to dampen or negate a Sun mage's ability to cast magic.


The Sable Collar was originally crafted for use by Daien monks in their temples, the calming effects of the Collars supposedly aiding members in mediation.   Use of the Collars eventually evolved into a restraining method against Sun mages by military and law enforcement. Criminal organizations also found use for them when trafficking Kitsune from the southern Kitsugama region.   During the Imperial Southern Campaign in 1270, Collars saw their usage peak as they became the go-to method of imprisonment of Kitsune resistance fighters and rebels as Imperial forces annexed the territory into the Kyamese empire.    Collars remained in common practice up until the White Tail Rebellion in 1350, where protests lead by Kitsune over mistreatment, lack of legal protections, and continued barring from Kyamese citizenship erupted into violence, leading to the deaths of over 100 Kitsune and Elves alike. In an effort to ease tensions, the Imperial government outlawed the use of Sable Collars on Kyamese citizens as well as codifying legal processes by which Kitsune may be awarded citizenship.


Despite being outlawed and the lessening of tensions since, Sable Collars remain as a symbol of persecution for the Kitsune people.
Item type
Destruction Date
Related Technologies
Officially, all Sable Collars were outlawed, melted down, and destroyed following the White Tail Rebellion and the formal assimilation of the Kitsune people into Kyamese society.   However, there is the occasional rumor of a surviving Collar circulating through the black market or residing in a private collection somewhere.
Raw materials & Components
The collar itself is said to be made from thick iron with a hinge in the back, a locking mechanism in the front, and rings on either side for connecting chains.

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