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A fox-like race known for their strong affinity with Night and Sun Magic.

Basic Information


Kitsunes are humanoid figures with fox-like features such as a tail and furry, pointed ears on the top of their head. Even their faces reflect this with pointed features.    The color of their hair and fur are usually determined by their individual affinity for magics. Blonde and brown hair coloring typically indicate an affinity for Sun Magic while black and silver hair are indicators for Night Magic. As an individual Kitsune is capable of having an affinity for both schools of magic, it's common to see one with blend of different colors in their hair. How this blend might manifest varies greatly and seemingly depends on the distribution of their dual affinities.   For example, a Kitsune with affinities skewing strongly towards Night Magic, but is still capable of Sun Magic as well might have mostly black hair with natural streaks of golden blonde peppered throughout. A Kitsune with more equal affinities might have a color gradient with brown hair at their scalp and silver hair towards the tips.   A Kitsune's magical potential for magic is also reflected in the number of tails they possess. The number of tails range from 1-9, with 3-4 tails being the most common occurrence. A nine-tailed Kitsune is often sought after for both its exceeding rarity as well as its immense magical potential.    Similar to the blending of hair colors, Kitsune with dual affinities often have different colors of tails. A Kitsune whose Sun Magic is stronger than their Night Magic may have two brown tails with a third black tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

As with other races, a Kitsune's magical affinities and potential are greatly determined by that of their parents. For this reason, it is not unknown for "purebred" Kitsune (Kitsune with a singular affinity for either Night or Sun Magic) to be sought after to bolster the odds of one's offspring having a stronger affinity towards one magic or a more balance set of affinities between the two. This is doubly so for Kitsune with a high number of tails and magical potential.   It is possible for a Kitsune to breed with other races such as Human and Elf, however this tends to lead to a lower tail count for the offspring. If the parent Kitsune has a low enough number of tails, it's not unheard of for their child to have no tails at all and thus baring a greater resemblance to their Human/Elf parent. Even in these cases, though, the offspring may retain the Kitsune's ability for multiple affinities of magic.

Ecology and Habitats

Kitsune are usually found in the Southern regions of Kyama

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kitsunes are excellent at detecting and percieving magic. They are quite adept at reading individuals they are near. However, unlike Werewolves , who rely on body language, Kitsune use the magic/aura of those near them in order to discern their intentions/honesty. Sadly, this ability can be hampered by magical protection from divination. (D&D terms: Kitsune have advantage on Wisdom/Insight rolls when the target is near the Kitsune)

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Tsuki no Sakura (Sakura of the Moon)

  Sakura was a nine-tailed Kitsune known equally for her beauty and the pure silver of her tails. She served as a priestess and adviser to Lord Tenju, the leader of the Kitsune. One day, her lord was stricken with a mysterious illness, robbing Tenju of his strength and plaguing him with nightmares and hallucinations. As weeks passed and no healer could alleviate the lord's ills, let alone cure them, Sakura was accused of using her magic to torment and slowly kill her lord.    Driven from her home, Sakura was forced flee and spend years in hiding until Tenju's guards finally found her in a forest. Sakura tried to escape, only to be wounded by the guards' arrows. As she laid dying, Sakura made one last plea for her innocence. Met only with deaf ears, she cursed her accuser and her killers, vowing to find justice for herself and her beloved lord.   In the years following her death, all of the guards that had pursued her were met with great misfortunes. On his deathbed, one of the guards said that he had traveled back to the forest hoping to find a way to end the curse that plagued him and his brothers. When he found the tree under which Sakura had died, he saw that the blossoms on its branches were in full bloom even while all the other trees were bare and covered with winter's frost.   The guard considered cutting down the tree, thinking it might break the curse of misfortune. But as soon as he thought this, he was stricken with fear, terrified of what might happen if he angered Sakura's spirit further. So instead, he fled from the forest, never to return.   To this day, it is said that the tree marking Sakura's last living moments still blooms year round, waiting for her justice to come.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Elf : Elves have a surprisingly good relationship with Kitsune mostly attributed their mutual appreciation of nature and the magic it produces.
70 years
Average Height
5',6" - 6',2"
Average Physique
Kitsune tend to have slim, lithe body frames as befitting their fox-like traits.

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