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The Starlight Veil

The Starlight Veil is the name of the small smuggling and spy ring run from within the city of Stonehaven by a skilled half elf thief known as Angel. On the surface, members of the Starlight Veil works fences, smugglers and spies. Dig a little deeper and you'll soon find that there is little they won't do if the price is right.


The Starlight Veil is closed membership group. Any person interested in joining the guild would first have to prove their worth, repeatedly. The group's current leader, Angel, has the final say on all new members and has kept the guild small deliberately. After witnessing firsthand what befell the Veil in past years under the leadership of the former guild master, she is no hurry to swell the ranks of her operation.   Show Spoiler
Current members include:
Rash’khan – Tabaxi, rogue – tends bar and is Angel’s right hand man.
Ganadlag Skullbreaker – Hobgoblin, fighter – Angel’s bodyguard and master at arms.
Grommag Jawbreaker – Orc, shadow monk – serves as a doorman but is actually a head of the spy network, keeps an eye on the inner sanctum.
Osa (Osaaskalaug) – Bugbear, rogue – spy lead and operative, one of the better spies under Angel’s sway and a trusted member of the crew.
Gimble Wooblegaggle – Gnome, wizard/rogue – Inventor and magic purveyor. Controls the wards that lead to the cellar and is an amateur inventor.
Thrakka – Ogre, barbarian – the muscle.
Trey and Dennis – low level rogues – still proving themselves but seem to be trustworthy.

Public Agenda

Smuggling of illicit goods into and out of the city, fencing of stolen goods, information gathering.   Keeping nobles and high-ranking public officials in check by any means necessary, whether that be through bribery, blackmail or more nefarious means.


Currency of all denominations totaling somewhere around 50,000 gold, art objects, potions, spell scrolls, incriminating documents, fantastic maps, and extraordinary items. The ring itself operates out of an (supposed) underground location somewhere within Stonehaven and is referred to by some as "the Cellar". There is a secret connecting entrance to the sewers which run underneath the city, by which members can come and go. In addition, there are a pair of magical teleportation circles which can move people to and from the secret location provided they have the correct pass codes.


The Veil was formed around 160 CR by an old smuggler known as the Preacher. The syndicate grew to upwards of 40 members before infighting, double dealing and framing began to take its toll on the group. Around 200 CR, the Preacher was found dead under suspicious circumstances after which the group disbanded and reformed under the moniker "The Starlight Veil" a few years later. One of the Preacher's previous lieutenants, a young half elf woman named Angel took control of the smuggling operation at that point and recruited only a handful of new members back into its ranks.

The stars look beautiful tonight.

160 CR - 200 CR - reformed in 203 CR

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Veil
Notable Members
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