(a.k.a. Angel)

Angel is a skilled thief whose pet owl helps her safely infiltrate locations while it surveys the area and then stands guard as she pilfers the location.   Angel, a charming-flirty half-elf, started her career as an adventurer, joining various groups who needed a skilled locksmith or pick-pocket. She grew tired of the adventuring life; drudging through swamps, exploring musty and damp ruins, and battling dangerous creatures. Instead, she chose to leave the life of the wandering adventurer and turned her attention to high-class targets, those nobles and upper-class persons with so much wealth they didn’t know what to do with it.   Angel runs a small smuggling and spy ring from within the bowels of the city of Stonehaven. Here, she sells some of the things she’s pilfered, but keeps them stashed away until the right customer enters her purview. Other items, which she keeps on display, include potions, spell scrolls, and maps which she acquired during her short adventuring career and from questionable transactions. Always interested in something new and different, Angel trades items quite often. She doesn’t need gold for herself, she acquires enough of that through her normal business.  

Personality Characteristics


Though Angel enjoys her current life of collecting and pilfering, her vicious mind dreams of a much larger scheme – to thwart several nobles and high-ranking officials at the same time. Like a series of falling dominoes, she wants to see each of these corrupt individuals tumble from greatness.

Vices & Personality flaws

Angel is a kleptomaniac. She seldom waits more than a day before stealing again, though it need not be a large heist. Her desire is relieved by stealing something as simple as a dagger off a noble’s hip.   She’s been lucky so far, going unnoticed. That luck could end soon.


Contacts & Relations

Angel has had dealings with many high-ranking public officials. She accumulates information and documents which can be used to incriminate or blackmail them. She also has contacts within many of the guild houses in Stonehaven. When adventurers or mercenary companies venture into the city, it isn't long before Angel is made aware.

Social Aptitude

Angel is extremely charismatic and flirtatious but prefers to size up people before engaging in conversation. Often she has a subtle smirk on her face, as though she’s in on a private joke. Her manners are refined and her actions are measured as not to draw too much attention onto herself.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
171 AR 43 Years old
Current Residence
Long, red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
116 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Like falling dominoes."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Andeiran , Ravosi , Elvish, Goblin, Orcish
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