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Ruined Journal of Tanthalas Aerabor

During the blockade and temporay occupation of Dagger Falls, a group of adventures known as Haven's Heroes came upon an old journal within the town graveyard. The book was found in a discarded haversack after a brief skirmish in which three Ravosan privateers were slain. The haversack had suffered damage, likely from a sword slash, and was no longer usable.   A cursory investigation of the scene revealed the Ravosans became victims of Tanthalas Aerabor and his ally of circumstance, Brom Nekresh.


A leather-bound tome, cracked with time, detailing the personal experiences of the former Speaker of the Moon, Tanthalas Aerabor. The journal is ancient and worn, with many pages now missing. A locking clasp resides on the front cover of the book, once a meger deterent to those attempting to look inside the volume without consent. The lock has been damaged and no longer holds.
Entries in the document which point to specific years are strictly for reference purposes. Date formatting uses the Andieran calander created by the human nations, and is not accurate to elven society.
Journal, Personal
Vellum / Skin


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