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The Grand Emperor


Written by UmbralGoat

Come, friend. I will buy you a drink.
— Jupiter to one of his subjects

  Jupiter is the Grand Emperor of the Celestial Empire. He is the second son of Saturn, and is considered the most famous deity even beyond the reaches of the Celestial Dragons' influence.

He is likely the most worshiped dragon of the Celestial family, well-known for his bombastic personality and outgoing attitude towards his mortal subjects. He believes in a close relationship between mortals and deities, often refusing to even use such labels.


My father swore to the protection of all mortality in the face of his own destruction... All I can do is love everyone as I love myself.
— Jupiter

  In his youth, Jupiter spent much time in his father's Great Library, mostly raised by his older brother and mother during the Dark Era, a time during which Saturn traversed the world in order to aid survivors of the Great Death.

Many of the times his father would return, Jupiter would beg to come with him, but it wasn't for a very long time until Saturn allowed it, as he believed the world's ruins were too dangerous. On their travels, Saturn would tell him of the destruction the world faced, though he remained vague about his battle's details. Whenever they would come across a ruined town or village, Saturn would explain that they were all innocent, all caught in the crossfire.

I quiver at the thought of how many were my own doing...

Does it matter if you're the one trying to help?
Saturn and Jupiter on the Great Death's casualties

As survivors were aided, the adolescent Jupiter was quick to make friends with them, relaying the stories his father had just told him with a glow of childish whimsy that Saturn could only find endearing; the surviving Fælen and Humans were awe-struck nonetheless.
It's believed Jupiter's affinity for rulership and ideals for his position came from these small interactions with mortals. While he was merely acting as a friend, mortals still feared him as a Dragon upon first meeting him, causing a disconnect. Saturn merely saw it as a convenience that would make reparations easier to conduct.

As the world stumbled into the Time of The Renewal, and the lands were raised, millions held Saturn and Jupiter in high regard for their contributions, and Jupiter especially was worshiped for his good nature.

As the Celestial Pantheon grew and civilizations were rebuilt, many city governments swore loyalty to the Celestials, and it became a common wish for them to become united under Jupiter, the most personable of the family, to become closer to the deities.


This wish was granted with the construction of Iþivis, a large kingdom initially built as a monument to the Emperor-to-be himself, but when Jupiter met with the Royal Family, they made the suggestion for him to use their beautiful city as his home.

Emperor Jupiter was coronated on the 26th of Nereivur of the Medial Year, the day that would come to host the festivals of Iþivalia. Neighboring kingdoms were pleased to serve under Jupiter, whose offers were noted to be closer to allyship than pure rule. Nevertheless, kingdoms began to swear loyalty to Jupiter in exchange for funding, as well as his Grace.


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by lagito37
The Bringer of Jollity
The Grand
The Eternal Emperor
Big Blue
Est. 180,000 years
Date of Birth
1st of Iþivur, 220,000TR
Celestial Dragon

Height / Weight
3.9 m (12'9") / 4,000 kg
Cis Male
He / Him

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