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Heartroot is a small pinkish beet like plant, primary used in the creation of potions of healing.

Basic Information


Heartroot can be recognized in the wild by its heart shaped leaves, which give the plant its name. The root, which is the valuable part of the plant, is a soft pinkish in color, round in shape, and faintly sweet smelling.

Genetics and Reproduction

Heartroot spreads via stolons, runner vines that crawl along the ground much like strawberries. Once a suitable spot of ground is found by the stolon, a new Heartroot plant takes four months to reach peak maturity.

Ecology and Habitats

While Heartroot can be grown domestically, it can only be found growing abundantly in very specific soil locations. Requiring significantly alkaline soil, sufficient shade, and a lot of water to grow, it can only be found in certain riverland locations and swamp marshes in Koria, Eltar, and Ssashan, as well as throughout the Feywild.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Heartroot root is taken shortly after being harvested and mashed. Once mashed it is boiled and reduced down and added with other ingredients to create potions of healing.   The reduction takes a week to reach the correct level of concentration required to make the potion. Further reduction and concentration can be done to increase the potency of the healing potion.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Koria Ssashan Eltar
6 months.
Conservation Status
Steps are taken in most of the world to prevent the plant from being completely harvested out of existence. Often this is handled by limiting the number of healing potions apothecaries are allowed to carry, as Heartroot does not store well shortly after harvesting, becoming toxic after four days of being pulled from the ground.
Average Height
6 inches while in ground, 8 to 10 when dug up.
Average Weight
Less than a pound.


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