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Selkirk Family

Second only to the Valcores, the Selkirk Family wields great military power and political influence across the Sparnell Confederation. They are known best for their Necromancy, leading Tactical Assault Groups throughout the Sparnell Armed Forces.

Public Agenda

The Selkirks have ensured their place as the second most powerful within the Sparnell Confederation by allying themselves with the Valcore Family, whose authority remains unrivaled in large part due to Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil's position as Valcore Chair, head of the entire Sparnell Armed Forces, and the only individual with direct access to Empress Rakethorne. The Selkirks maintain their own power through their unrivaled use of Necromancy, with many notable Family members working as TAGs for Admirals throughout the Sparnell Armed Forces.   Across the Confederation their Family name has become associated with death and glory, both in the service of the Confederation, courtesy of active efforts from the Selkirk Family and especially Selkirk Nero's role as host of the holoshow Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die. They are seen as heroes, willing and eager to die repeatedly for Sparnell, and most Families consider it an honor for a Selkirk to desire one of their own as a member of their Tactical Assault Group to share in the Selkirks' prestigious mission.   The Selkirks themselves reinforce this belief, shedding their usually cold and calculating exterior to extend a warm hand of friendship and loyalty to those they've selected for their team, albeit with the expectation of complete devotion to them and their goals in return. As this kind of warmth is uncommon within the Confederation, much less from a prestigious Family such as the Selkirks, such a request is not often refused.  

Glory in Death

Known for

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World Ember 2023

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Selkirk Family Tree

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