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Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil

Fleet Admiral Sil Valcore

Chair of the Valcore Family and Fleet Admiral of the Sparnell Armed Forces, very little happens in the Confederation without Valcore Sil's knowledge. Even Sparnell Central Intelligence, led by Vice Admiral Selkirk Tallinah, falls under her direct control due to the Vice Admiral's role as Valcore Sil's personal TAG.   The feared katanoj reports solely to the immortal Empress Rakethorne, who communicates only via hologram, leading braver conspiracy theorists to question who actually rules the Confederation... But these remain only whispers in the shadows, as any who dared speak louder disappeared long ago.

Physical Description

Special abilities

While her Divination is not as strong as her mother's, Valcore Sil has a natural ability to identify the truthfulness of a statement spoken directly to her, regardless of whether or not the speaker believes the words to be true. Careful phrasing is therefore of the utmost importance when addressed by the Admiral.   The ability also only works in face to face communications within her presence, and so will not function if the speaker's face is obscured or the communication is done at a distance, such as via hologram. The speaker must also reasonably believe they know the information they are sharing, with a strong personal connection to either the subject of the information or the method of its procurement.   The Fleet Admiral does not advertise these limitations, preferring those around her believe in her omniscience.

Mental characteristics


Valcore Sil's military education began shortly before her sixth birthday, after her mother's first major prophesy. She was apprenticed to eighteen-year-old Starraze Louise, son of the esteemed Starraze Lourey, as a test of the young man's skills in leadership and education.   Despite the protests of Sil's demanding father, General Valcore Xiomar, the pairing was a fortuitous match. The young Sil latched onto her new tutor, Louise's warm personality and remarkable patience proving a welcome balm to Sil's loneliness as the unexpected forced separation from her mother.   By the age of ten she'd caught up to Louise in his studies, joining him in his own instruction until eventual reassignment to an education with the Margold Family, once more at her father's insistence.


Contacts & Relations

As Fleet Admiral of the Sparnell Armed Forces, Valcore Sil serves as the most powerful visible member of the Sparnell Confederation leadership, answering only to Empress Rakethorne. Leader of Sparnell Fleet Command, the Sparnell Armed Forces and Sparnell Central Intelligence, led by her personal TAG Vice Admiral Selkirk Tallinah, report directly to her.

Family Ties

Valcore Sil is the Chair of the Valcore Family, a title wrested from her father through political maneuverings and bloodshed not long after the disappearance of her mother, the Valcore Oracle. She rules her Family with extended claws and no hesitation, disowning any who would weaken the family honor, although she charts a more calculating path than the harsh cruelties of the Old Ways.   Under her leadership the Valcores are recognized as the leading Family of the Confederation, with many powerful Families including the Selkirks pledging allegiance to their goals.
Known Magic
Divination (basic)
Shielding Magic
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fleet Admiral of the Sparnell Armed Forces, Chair of Valcore
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1974 EVT
Current Residence
short black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark blue fur with deep black striping
6 ft 2 in
Aligned Organization

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World Ember 2023

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So she is basically the grey eminence of the confederation

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Except she does have an official title and role, and it's a very powerful one to begin with. She just has an absolute power beyond it, too.

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