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    Empress Rakethorne

    Empress Rakethorne (she/her)

    Not much is known about Empress Rakethorne, leader of the Sparnell Confederation, with most tales of her and her accomplishments suspected to carry decades if not centuries of embellishment. She is said to be immortal, although the means through which she chooses to achieve this remain uncertain.


    Contacts & Relations

    The Empress rules the Confederation by proxy, communicating through hologram with Sparnell Fleet Command and any other entities which which she must interact. Only Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil is permitted to meet with her in person, leading conspiracy theorists to suggest the Empress may no longer be among the living. Loyal Sparnelli insist there are things that must not be said about the Empress. Intelligent Sparnelli caution there are things that must not be said around Fleet Admiral Valcore.
    Presented Sex
    Aligned Organization

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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