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Leader of the Sparnell Confederation, the holder of the title "Empress" wields absolute power over her subjects - and demands absolute obedience.


The Empress is tasked with presiding over the entirety of the Sparnell Confederation, although largely this means delegating the tasks to others. Historically this would be split among the many branches of Confederation Governance, although in modern times this authority now rests entirely on the Fleet Admiral, who proceeds to further delegate as deemed necessary.   As a result, the title today has taken on more of a ceremonial feel, at least among the majority of the populace. Admirals of Sparnell Fleet Command have learned to heed her words or suffer the consequences, as the Fleet Admiral ruthlessly enforces her directions. Questioning the validity of her commands, presented only through holographic attendance at meetings, has ended enough careers - and lives - to discourage the practice.  


One of the oldest Sparnelli Families, the Rakethorne Family rose to prominence within the Sparnell Confederation courtesy of their ruthless ambitions, shrewd politicking, and mastery of Magic. By 497 EVT, the Family had gathered enough allies and supporters to declare themselves rulers of the Sparnell Confederation.   The role of Empress (or Emperor, if preferred) is hereditary, passing through the genetic lines of the Rakethornes. Inheritance of the title would pass from parent to child, or to sibling should the holder be childless or their children under the legal age of sixteen at the time of their parent's death. As reconstruction clones became more prevalent this tradition continued, with the title passing onward and the prior holder assuming the role of Advisor should they choose to resurrect, only retaining the role after resurrection if no suitable heirs of age were available at time of death.   Empress Rakethorne decreed an end to this tradition when she assumed the throne in 1742 EVT upon the sudden and unexpected death of her father. To further emphasize her intention to retain the throne, she led her supporters in the slaughter of her entire family, including her spouse, multiple younger siblings, and an uncle in an event now known as the Day of Blood. Her reign has continued uninterrupted to this day.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Your Highness, Your Majesty, Sir, Ma'am
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Summer Camp 2023

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