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Advisors hold the future of the Confederation in their hands, shaping and molding Sparnell Fleet Command's actions with their wisdom and advice. A simple word from the SAF Advisory Council has been known to launch many a career, and end many more.


Those requested to join the SAF Advisory Council are often known for their quick analytical skills, maintaining a notable calm under pressure while retaining their focus to work the present problem. They are often charismatic, with a flair for public speaking, although this is not a requirement.   Advisors must also hold a firm grasp on political history, accompanied by the ability to compare past events with the present in the hopes of mapping the best course for the future.


Advisors are selected and trained by the Margold Family, with most originating within the Family itself. On the rare occasions they choose trainees from outside the Family, they have been known to choose not only recruits but also from among the civilian population and even SAF members serving other admirals.   To join the SAF Advisory Council is a great honor, and one not lightly refused. Those identified for recruitment have been known to always say yes - eventually.


The SAF Advisory Council is responsible for monitoring current political events, both inside the Sparnell Confederation and also outside, compiling information provided by Sparnell Fleet Command and Sparnell Central Intelligence. Advisors will analyze these events, providing their insights and suggestions to Fleet Command for future actions, including viable targets, potential concerns, and recommended future actions.


Advisors have the ear of Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil, and therefore a great influence over the future of the Sparnell Confederation. This also has earned the respect of Sparnell Fleet Command, in addition to the ability to exchange mutually benefitial favors with its Admirals.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Even Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil has learned to honor the opinions of the Margold Family, who claim the majority of advisory positions. As a result, advisors are removed at the will of the Margold Family alone, although the Fleet Admiral has been known to make requests for reassignment upon occasion.


The SAF Advisory Council was formed after the Starraze Rebellion, upon the advice of the Margold Family Chair in an effort to identify future threats to the Confederation from within and without. Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil recognized the wisdom of the suggestion, allowing the Margolds to set up the Council as they saw fit.   While outside the typical chain of command, including the Fleet Admiral's considerable power, all parties involved recognize this as a necessary action to maintain a higher level of accuracy and neutrality than would otherwise be possible. As a result, advisors are exempt from direct orders from the Fleet Admiral, but are still required to obey the laws of the Confederation - which are also set by the Fleet Admiral.   In this way a tenuous balance is maintained, where all involved remain acutely aware of the stakes should that balance topple.
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