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SAF Advisory Council

Personal advisors to Sparnell Fleet Command and even the Fleet Admiral herself, the SAF Advisory Council is well known for their carefully considered advice on all matters military and political.

Public Agenda

The Council strives to analyze present events, contrasting them with knowledge of the past in order to determine the best path forward for the Sparnell Confederation. Members of Sparnell Fleet Command are encouraged to request the Council's insight when planning any major engagement, and while this is not considered a requirement, admirals who do so tend to fare better in the long run than those who do not.   The disappearance of Admiral Kydell, the most vocal opponent of the Council, is often touted as a prime example of the Council's importance. Even those who oppose the advisors admit the white wolf's attack at the Battle for Baden proved disastrous, and would have likely benefitted from further analysis.


The SAF Advisory Countil was founded in 2090 EVT, in direct response to the Starraze Rebellion, which pitted one of the Sparnell Confederation's more prestigious Families against the leadership of Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil. The Rebellion failed, but the fact it had occurred at all left deep scars against the political maneuverings of the remaining Sparnelli Families. Since its founding, the Council has claimed credit for countless successes both on military battlefields scattered across the universe and the political battlefields of the Sparnell Confederation. Detractors insist they claim more credit than their proper due, relying upon the successes of others' actions rather than their own. Supporters point to the reduced duration of rebellions since its inception, and the respect afforded the Advisors by none other than the Fleet Admiral herself, as proof of its success.

The Keys to the Future can be found in the Mistakes of the Past.

Founding Date
2090.3.21 EVT
Research, Think Tank
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