Silent Family

Formerly part of the Selkirks, the Silents split into a secret subordinate Family after the Confederation Civil War. Today they run the Selkirk reconstruction library, maintaining the multitude reconstruction clones which allow the Selkirk Family to keep their TAGs in the field.   In return the Selkirks protect them, although most Selkirks today do not recognize the existence of the Silent Family, believing the Silents' own stories they are merely disowned, provided a home and political protection as loyal servants of the Selkirks.


Seen as disowned by the rest of the Sparnell Confederation, members of the Silent Family are free to pursue their own interests as they see fit, provided they fulfill the obligations of their Family toward the Selkirks. This actually provides them with a great deal of freedom, when compared to most in the Confederation.  

Skills and Responsibilities

Many Silents are skilled in not only Necromancy but also Zokinesis, Curative Magic, Hydromancy, Pyromancy, and Cryogenics. These allow them to not only maintain the Selkirk reconstruction library, including the section set aside for new, still-developing Selkirks, but also to see to the medical needs of the Selkirks.   Silents also perform an assortment of tasks around the Selkirk Estate, including meal preparation, maintenance, and child rearing. They are taught to never show emotion in front of a Selkirk, to ensure the children in their care do not develop inappropriate attachments, and to avoid reminding adult Selkirks of the sacrifices they are making to further both Families' needs.  


Upon conscription, Silents are immediately Claimed by the Selkirks. While some Families grumble about the Selkirks' use of conscripts for their personal lives, Selkirk Tallinah's position as personal TAG to Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil tends to end these grumbling fairly quickly. In cases where it does not, a pointed statement about the weaponization of the entire Selkirk Family to further the Confederations' goals often does the trick, especially when followed almost immediately by a reminder that running the reconstruction clones offers very little in the way of prestige.  

Private Lives

In this way, hidden behind the umbrella of the Selkirk Family, the Silents are permitted a happy life, free from the political trappings of the rest of the Confederation. By hiding in the shadows of the Selkirk Family, they are afforded the opportunity to grow and shine in their own many ways, unburdened by the politics of others, or the fears of another civil war.

Public Agenda

The Silent Family has no public agenda. In fact, they have no public presence at all, their members self-professed disowned in service to the Selkirk Family. Upon occasion the Selkirk Family's disowned will be adopted into the Silent Family, as well, although this largely depends upon the reason they were disowned.   Very few within the Selkirk Family recognize the existence of the Silents as a Family, as well, although all are taught the importance of treating them with respect. The Silents manage the Selkirks' vast reconstruction library, and a Selkirk TAG is wise to remain on their good side.


The Silents were once members of the Selkirk Family, before the Confederation Civil War thrust the Family into a three way conflict against their own kin. The most fearsome - and feared - weapons of the conflict, each TAG's loyalty became the subject of much debate and countless tests, often putting sibling against sibling on opposite sides of the conflict.   The Sparnell Confederation learned a hard lesson those years, and none absorbed it more thoroughly than the Selkirks. To protect their name, and their power, they split.  

The Selkirk Family

Their most powerful TAGs remained in the smaller branch, retaining the Selkirk name and carrying on the Selkirk legacy, a shadow of their former selves. This was the branch that would carry the glory, and maintain the Selkirk Family legacy.   The weight of everyone's future would rest on their shoulders. Their loyalty to their superiors would be recognized as unquestionable and absolute, an obedient and unfeeling weapon.  

The Silent Family

The rest became Silent, working behind the scenes to further the Selkirk Family's goals without the hindrance of the Family name. They were tasked with maintaining the great Selkirk reconstruction library, and handling the everyday tasks and duties which should be seen as beneath the Selkirks, particularly when requiring a public appearance.  

Fractured Balance

In this way the Selkirks separated themselves from the remaining population of the Confederation, maintaining their influence at great personal cost and protecting the remainder of their Family from the implications of that responsibility. The Selkirks would see to their needs politically, while the Silents handled their daily physical needs.   Over time the two have grown, together yet separate. New Selkirks are not taught their shared history with the Silents, merely the importance of protecting those who see to their continued resurrection. Each new generation of Silents learn the Family's true history, and the importance of never sharing this knowledge with the Selkirks, lest they find themselves unable to bury their empathy for the good of both Families.   In this way, the Selkirk Family's true strengths would become the secrets kept by the Silent.

Rebuilding Shadows

Founding Date
2002 EVT
Political, Family
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Nothing (Secret)

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