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Palace of the Great Dragon

The Palace of the Great Dragon is an ancient building that stands proud watch over the empire. Once a place of violence and tyranny it's legacy has been reclaimed and changed to one of hope and prosperity.

Purpose / Function

The palace serves as home to Rai Reirha the Emperor of Alatheia. It is also the central seat of government for the Empire and where most audiences with the Emperor are held.


The building underwent a complete overhaul when the empire was founded leaving the general architecture and a few elements of the original in place but changing almost everything else to better suit Rei and his image for the future. The changes served to the purpose of cleaning the slate of what the palace had represented and ushering in a new era.


The Palace of the Great Dragon was built to accomidate Dragons in both of their forms making for what would be an intimidating size if not for the intricate carvings and stone work that went in to it's creation. The tall white marble walls are carved to look like large trees decorated with gold veining as well as stained glass accents.   Every door to the palace is accented by archways carved to look like bending, inter-twined trees with stained glass leaves. The doors themselves are heavy bronze constructions emblazoned with the crest of the great dragon and outlined with the crests of every kingdom that is part of the empire. Large obsidian rings held by intricately designed zikran dragon heads serve as the handles for the doors, over all making the sight rather impressive   Large stained glass windows adorn the walls depicting scenes of relgious or historical significance to all of the peoples of Alatheia. Each window with smaller versions of the arches around the doors. The roofs of the palace also feature many stained glass sky lights casting the rainbows of color along the walls inside.


The palace is surrounded by large walls of the same marble as the palace itself. These walls house several beacons and alarms in case of danger. Beyond the walls however the grounds of the Palace, while beautiful, house a large barracks enough to home a decently sized army.


The Palace of the Great Dragon used to be the home of the Dragon Queen, a historically tyrannical regime that sought dominion over all. They did not care for other races and saw them only as servants and pests and fought amongst themselves constantly. The Palace was originally built to house the queen as well as show the significant wealth and power she held. This all changed however when Rai defeated his fellow Dragons and brought down the oppressive regime. Since then it has served as the heart of the peaceful and prosperous empire he built on the ashes of his own kind.


People travel from all over the empire to see the palace and there are a few halls within that are open to the public, though they are monitored closely. Beyond that people often seek out audiences with Rai himself, there is an office within the palace for requesting such.
Alternative Names
Imperial Palace, Dragon Hall, Jewel of Etherian, Palace of Alatheia
Ruling/Owning Rank


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