Rai Reirha

Emperor Rai Reirha (a.k.a. Shiny Hunter) (He/HIm)

Rai is a compassionate and understanding man that wants the best for his people. Though he is young and did not want the titles, he was given.

Physical Description

Body Features

Rai is an intimidating man despite his rather slim build. While not bulky Rai has a broad frame with noticeable though rather modest muscle. Rich umber skin adorned with iridescent black, blue, and purple scales of the same color as his long draconic tail and markhor horns. In addition his wings are of the same coloration of both feather and scale, when extended his wingspan is 10 meters.

Facial Features

A rather effeminate heart shaped face with full lips and a soft but strong angular jaw marred only by a webbed scar painted with gold dye on the right side of his head, face, and neck round out the rest of his features. His ears are pointed and pierced multiple times adorned with gold and silver chains with precious gems inlaid into them.

Special abilities

His draconic elements are Lightning, Darkness, and Wind. Being one of the rare dragons to wield three elements, two is rare but three is practially unheard of.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the previous queen of dragons Rai appeared to be a promising hatchling, he was projected to be a very strong daughter and one that would bring honor to his line. As such he was given directly to the most prominent and reknowned (as far as non-draconic races went) tutor and child-rearer the Quixen.
Under Quixen's care Rai was rasied and taught of other races and of their struggles under dragon rule as well as the constantly warring state of the world. Quixen also provided Rai with the protection and secrecy that allowed him to grow given the shock and danger posed to him by his own people for his power and size as a male.   As a drake Rai was found out by his mother and Quixen's life was put in danger as well as his own. During this time Rai also saw the state of the world and decided that even if he failed he would try and change things. This led to the downfall of the Dragon Imperium as well as the founding, and his crowning as ruler, of the Empire of Alatheia.

Gender Identity

While Rai identifies as male he really doesn't care much for such ideas. This is in part due to his respect for all genders and peoples and due to being raised the first part of his life as a female.


Rai was raised by one of the foremost scholars in the world and been a curious child on his own merit. This has led to rather extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects, with 2450 years worth of study and a thirst to learn more.


Rai is the Emperor of Alatheia, a job he didn't necessarily want but one he was given anyway. He takes it very seriously and does his best to keep everything running smoothly. Even though he wishes that he could safely hand the job to someone else.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His child name of Shiny Chaser was earned by his unique ability to notice, find, and amass all the shiny things he saw. Even if those things belonged to others and were actively on said beings personage. He had an extensive hoard as a child, something that endeared him to his mother for the short time she cared for him.

Morality & Philosophy

Rai is a huge believer that everyone deserves respect and common decency until proven otherwise. He legitimately cares about his people and wants to do everything he can to make life as peaceful and rewarding for them as possible There is a darkside to his mentality though as remaining civil once respect is lost is a struggle for him. He also to some degree resents the other denizens of the empire though he keeps it hidden and ignores it well.

Personality Characteristics


Rai is one who wishes to help others greatly, he wants to make a world where people thrive. This, however, will not stop him from being ruthless if necessary or if what he holds precious is threatened.

Likes & Dislikes

Adventure novels, shiny things, fluffy things, and plush animals are weaknesses of his. They are reminders for both him and others that he is still a child in all reality. He prizes honestly, loyalty, and dedication in people and friendship and family are of the utmost importance to him.   He dispises disloyalty, pathological liars, and those who take advantage of others for their own gain. In addition to this he dislikes people assuming that he knows everything or is infalliable. This includes but is not limited to the Cult of the Dragon.

Vices & Personality flaws

Immiturity and childish flights of fancy. While he is good at supressing this most of the time he does still fall victim to it on a regular basis due to his age in reference to his people.
He also suffers from the same possesive and protective nature as the Dragons in regards to what he considers his own. While he tries to temper this with reason he can be harsh and unforgiving when crossed.



Ending the wars and the Era Draconis.

Family Ties

Quixen - the man who raised and taught him all he knows.

Social Aptitude

Rai is a rather socially astute man, most consider him charismatic and polite. This is tempered however by the fact he refuses to be talked down to or treated as lesser by anyone else. He is aware of his rank and while it is unwanted he will maintain the respect it is due. He does not consider himself arrogant and most would agree with his self assesment.
Current Status
Emperor of the Alatheia
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor   The Great Dragon
Currently Held Titles
2500 Years old
Date of Birth
44th of Esaelas, 4080 Era Draconis
Etherian Palace
Current Residence
Etherian Palace
thin almond eyes, a rich amethyst accented by hints of aqua appearing the same in both forms.
He keeps his hair long reaching his knees, even pulled up though shaved close on his right side is such a deep shade of purple it looks black in most light. It is almost always intricately braided and held in a high ponytail adorned with beads and ribbons
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rich Umber
8' 2"
350 lbs
Ruled Locations


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