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Curse of the Ancestors

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A new school year begins and after the test from the Headmaster of the Red Tempest Academy is it also open for humans. Only the only downside for that is the children who are coming are the children from vampire hunters.   Leo is a senior at the Red Tempest Academy this year and is ready to make some changes. But when he is introduced to Kailey Van Helsing his heart stops, last summer Kailey was attacked by Leo's older sister Alexandra. Where Kailey killed his sister. But as Kailey confronts him, she tells him what really happened that day. He starts to doubt himself and his feelings.

Release date

March 4th 2022  


This is the third book in the Red Tempest Academy series    

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Reading hours

1-2 hours

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Dennis van Peppen


Nathalia Publishing



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Nathalia Publishing

Natalia's publishing is the name Nathalia Books gives to her Indy work. Working at a kitchen table with a good cup of coffee, the books come together.

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About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.

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