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Wægthrolin the Hidden City

Founded by the Fair-Haired

Among the Itie'lman is a clan of tall and fair haired folk. In years past the clan was called the Altresdolhn, but after the Elves were sundered from the gods there was a division in the clan. Those who remained in the West collected themselves under the name of Eresdolhn. Those traveling to the East never gathered under one name, but are collectively called the Altaic Elves.

The Altresdolhn were the chief grumblers against the gods, and, because of their love of craft and word, were susceptible to Gevurah's deceits. After the Sundering, the Altaic lost their love of craft and word, and were content to run wild in the far northern countries. But the Eresdolhn gathered their powers as they realized they were betrayed by the Seat of Judgement, and they made the greatest kingdoms the West has ever seen.

The Eresdolhn kingdoms stretched from the horns of the Western Mountains, to over the wide lawns of Boryen, to the emerald bays of Dorthon. They had a close friendship with the Dwarrow of Pokhrazad, and they shared their knowledge of refining and building. But they taught the most to the Dwarrow of Ngdheim. To this day, the speech and letters of the contemporary Ngdheim Dwarf resembles parts of High Elven speech.

From their labours were bore the greatest works of any age — not even the Nelqorana can compare to the Eresdolhn of old. They were led by mighty Great Houses, and lords whose manner and ilk were both terrible and beautiful. The House of Melthran, the House of Ingil, the House of Oïwin: splendid lords who struck down the path of history like thunderbolts.

The Hidden City

But though the Elves were sundered from the gods, the gods would often help them with dreams or omens. Chokhmah, who is Seat of Faith, bestowed on Celehild, a lord of the House of Ingil, a dream of the devastation to come upon the West — visited on them by the Yeqitari, led by Abayin, lieutenant of Gevurah. So Celehild constructed the Hidden City of Wægthrolin. He gathered his people on a great pilgrimage. They came to Wægthrolin, which many scholars today speculate to be located in the Western Mountains, and set about it many enchantments to bewilder anyone who should try to come near; trespassers would be turned around and become confused as to their location.

And as far as we know, it is still there today; lost to Time and History. Celehild may still rule there. Or he may have died and never returned to the world. It would be a fantastic find if one should discover the Hidden City. What would those ancient people tell us? What would they think of our great advances in both technology and Magic? Some adventurers have done expeditions into the Western Mountains; but no real trail to Wægthrolin has been discovered. The Western Mountains are difficult to traverse through, and they are hardly explored.

Alternative Name(s)
Wierstrin; Ostil; Ol-Thimbilar

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